August 07, 2013

Getting to you know, getting know all about you!

Since The Peanut Program is fairly new, I took advantage of being nominated for a Liebster Award by Libby (thanks!!), and am putting it to good use for all my new readers.  My about me page is cute, but these are some random questions that give you a sense of what type of person I am. I know that sometimes Q&A's can be boring, but I think my answers are interesting enough. Some of my answers might surprise you.

See what I did there? It looks like I'm either throwing, or catching that beach ball that conveniently says 'About me!' !

1.    What’s your favorite time of year? When I was little, I would not hesitate in telling you Christmas..but now, I would have to say that my favorite time of year is Thanksgiving.  I love a good turkey dinner** and stuffing, and at noon on Thanksgiving Day, it's the start of the true Christmas Season!

**OK. QUESTION: Does anyone who attends Thanksgiving Dinner, ever actually witness the full bird on the dinner table?? Besides movies, I have never seen this.  My mom gets it sliced up before we serve ourselves (buffet style) !

2.   Where is your favorite vacation spot? I have been to a few different I would have to say at this point in my life, it would be Antigua.  Not only because it was my honeymoon, but it is such a beautiful island and the beach is spectacular. And the water REALLY does look like that.

3.   What’s one concert you would love to see?  Definitely Flo-Rida. [really, lauren? i've already seen *NSYNC, Bon Jovi and Journey...who else would I'd rather need to see? Maybe the beach boys :)]

4.   What’s your favorite book?  I've had a few that I really enjoyed, but I enjoyed reading The Pact, by Jodi Picoult.

5.   If you could have one superpower what would it be and why?  To be a mind reader.  There are way too many people, with so many faces, that I'm nosy enough to wonder what they are thinking. Especially if those funny looks are happening while in MY presence!

6.   What’s one thing on your bucket list?  I don't even have a bucket list.  If I did, it would be to move out of New Jersey. Adios sucker. I hate you.

7.   What’s your favorite memory from your childhood?  Having sleepovers with my best friend and playing Barbies. Sometimes I wish had a more cliche answer, like the time that my Grandma or Grandpa did this or that... but sleepovers with your best friend after a walk/bike ride up the streets with our moms? Doesn't get any better than that. Wink wink, Coll!

8.   If you could do any job, without having to worry about money at all what would it be?  Yeah, I'm not sure.  I could say how I would not want to work, but that would make me look like a big, uninspired and lazy person.  So, instead of saying that, I wish I could step in the shoes of a Room designer Interior Decorator for a day, oo la la. 

9.   What would you do if you won the lottery?  Pay off my car and my husband's school loans, and then take a vacation, or put it towards a down payment on a house that I'd be comfortable living in. What I mean by that is, I wouldn't blow it on a McMansion because then I'd have to buy that much more stuff to fill it up!! A nice, cozy, 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom house is all I'm asking for with a porch in the front!

10.  What’s your biggest fear?  Being stabbed with a knife.  I had this dream a month or two ago, I woke up from it, and NO JOKE saw the Brawny guy standing above me with a knife coming down at me.  It was the most realistic living dream that I've ever had. I was awake and saw this.  Lord help me if I have some kind of ghost that hates me in my current house!

11. What are three things you couldn't live without?  Clean underwear, some form of communication, and my eye glasses (as of right now!)   But if you asked me this post surgery, I'd swap out my glasses for my two lovable balls of fur - Peanut & Linus. 


  1. I loved The Pact! Never realized how creepy the Brawny man is.

  2. That Brawny guy is pretty scary. And yes! I ahve seen a full turkey at the Thanksgiving table! My very close family friend's father used to cut the turkey at the table- it was pretty cool! And I've lived her most of my life (minus college and a year or so after) but I have to ask- what's so horrible about NJ?

  3. I am so jealous you've been to Antigua! I want to go so bad! Yea if I could do anything for money it would probably be not work haha! Christmas Vacation is in my top 5 favorite movies ever.

  4. The Pact was such a good book! I love Jodi Picoult. Also, OMG we saw the Beach Boys in concert back in 2010 and it was awesome! John Stamos played with them!

  5. Love your kitties! I have several also. ~meow~