August 23, 2013

TRUE LIFE: I'm a LASIK patient.

Instead of recapping my entire LASIK experience thus far, I've decided to give you bullet points of my day-to-day life post LASIK surgery.  Note: It's not fabulous!

Oh, and note x2: LASIK surgery is NOT as FANTASTIC and easy as cake as you are lead to believe!

True Life: I am a LASIK Patient

I like big butts sunglasses and I can not lie!
Yes, that's right. Go big or go home. My oh-so-precious Ray Ban aviators are no longer cutting it. And I've gotten used to wearing these while at work.  I am now referred to as "Hollywood". oh joy.

I text my Doc on the regular. 

I consider myself an EXPERT when it comes to eye drops...every last brand known to mankind.
*this is actually a real pic my friend texted me, she just went through this too.  WHY are there so many optinos!??! its SO overwhelming to find a brand that works for you at a price tag of anywhere from $13-$16 a box!!

And I own, about every eye drop brand known to mankind. Because nothing satisfies my dry eye. EVER.

I take a redic amount of selfies making dumb faces. While wearing goggles.

One day my vision is clear, the next, it's blurry.

OK. So I know I'm making LASIK out to be the bad guy, but you all seriously need to weigh out the pros and cons of a surgery like this.  I was thinking the grass was greener on the other side.. and I really should know that it always isn't.  Now, I have a lot of nerve posting all this only 4 days post op, but I felt that everyone should know about my experience. 

Can I see? YES. A lot better than when I didn't have contacts in/glasses on? YES.

So what's the problem?

The problem is that sometimes, you are lead to believe that LASIK is such a totally cool life altering experience! And it's really not.

I was not nervous at all for this procedure. I was fine up until they placed lid separators in my eyes.  I think because I have such small features that this was extra sensitive for me.  I will be 100% honest that you can not feel ANYTHING, AS FAR AS: any instruments the doctor uses ON the actual eye ball, the laser going into your eye. I will tell you however, that when they are creating "the flap", I experienced an unbelievable amount of pressure like you wouldn't believe.  For anyone who hasn't gone through this, the best way that I can think to explain how it felt, would be like this.  Remember when you were a kid, and you had goggles that you would use in the pool during summer time.  Actual goggles, (versus a mask).  Think about how hard you pressed those goggles to your eyes and the suction it created.  That is exactly what I felt, except more intense.  It was the most scary experience of my life, especially when my vision "went dark".  It's scary because you are fully aware of what you are going through, and your eye is OPEN. And the thought of what he's looking at and actually doing just can make you jump out of your skin too.  As far as the laser correction, that part was a piece of cake. I just stared at a light and then he closed the flap, felt some cool liquid which was a tad overwhelming, and voila, he was done with that eye. He moved onto the next and then I was basicallly done.  I would say the entire procedure lasted 20 minutes. If that. It was very quick.

So now, as you can see above, I am dealing with some post-op frustrations that I wouldn't have been dealing with if I just kept my glasses and contacts.  Right now, if you asked me if I would go through this again? My answer would most likely be a big, fat NO.

However, maybe in 3 months, we'll do another follow up and my answer might be different. 

When I can see, it's great.  When I can't really (like now, my damn left eye)'s one big pain in my ass.

So take my LASIK experience and remember this when you ever decide you want to do this.  For everyone that tells you "I could see as soon as I got up off the table!! HA HA HA! It's the best! HA HA HA!" forget it, they are lying! (to some degree at least).

Oh, and I'd like to note: If you are in NJ, although so far my actual recovery experience hasn't been the best, I will tell you that my doctor is THE BEST.  He has the best bedside manner I've ever come across. 


  1. I'm surprised you're already on the computer! When my friend got lasik she had to take a week off of work. She even had to have it redone but that was only because her eye sight was so bad prior to having it that the doctors said that would be a possibility. I'm glad you're doing better and wish the best for you! :)

  2. i can't even believe i read this whole thing because i had heebie jeebies the whole time. anything with eyes makes me shiver. also, your texts to the doctor are effing adorable hahaha!
    AND... love the new blog design :)

  3. Ah I hope you are doing better!! I'm glad the surgery went well!

  4. I want Lasik so bad but I don't even qualify for it!!! It wouldn't help me my doc says. And I'm legally blind. Whoo. Hoo. But feel better soon girl, I hope your eyes improve. Maybe it's a good thing I don't qualify haha.