August 28, 2013

things i wondered, part 3 of ?

Since I tend to often write what's on my mind, I might as well make some kind of fancy button for it, right?

  • You know whats inappropriate and frustrating? Babies in the workplace.
CRYING babies in the workplace, even more specifically.

People.  If you go out on maternity leave, and decide to grace your work's presence with your glowing-post-baby self, with infant in tow, make sure to have a damn pacifier!

I'm currently sitting at my desk and this is going on. I mean, if this isn't birth control, I don't know what is.
Harsh much? Maybe.  But I think I have a right to be mildly annoyed to blog about it. (p.s. i miss that miley!)

  • And the fact that it looks like a tornado is going to form at any minute outside doesn't help the situation either. What is this weather? Seriously it was supposed to be sunny and 85.
  • Why can't they make designer kids sunglasses?  I'm pissed that I can't find sunglasses that ACTUALLY fit my head (even my ray ban petites are a little big on me).  Does anyone know if kids designer shades exist? P.S. please don't even suggest ray-ban because the kids ones suck.
  • I'm really ready to throw my galaxy out the window. Who here has an iphone5 they want to trade for the galaxy?!? ANY TAKERS? PLEEEASSEEE??
  • This cloudy vision is starting to get old, real fast. But good news today is that I can see better. And the redness is finally starting to disappear!
  • I felt really foolish when I walked in yesterday and saw they had set up a birthday surprise for me. Last week I texted my friend saying "they forgot my birthday! i'm NEVER participating in birthday celebrations again! ROAR!" and proceeded to stomp around like this:
pleeeasseee tell me you know what movie this is from!

truth be told: i react this way quite often to various things that make me angry.
  • I just got netflix and Friday Night Lights is one awesome show.  I love Connie Britton in this show, and Kyle Chandler.  Speaking of Kyle Chandler, who hear remembers "Early Edition"? He was the star of the show, a man who would receive the following day's newspaper a day early.  I think I came across this show one time on some random channel. 
  • It's only 1:45pm, EST, and I didn't take lunch, and I'm about ready to pretend that I have a stomach virus so I can go home. I'm so tired - - I don't even know why because I go to bed at 9pm like an old lady.  Is anyone else feeling really tired lately? I might blame it on the lack of exercise I've had in the past month and half.

And I guess that's all I really have for you on this Wednesday. Sorry it's just fluff, but I was really wondering these things and had to share.  Also, enjoy this cute video of baby ostriches dancing :)


  1. I can't stand to hear babies crying anywhere...I know I'm awful, ha! Maybe it's because I don't have a child yet but danggg.

  2. OMG I loved Early Edition! And I act the same way sometimes and then feel like I total dork when I have to stick my foot in my mouth and realize I overreacted. Hope the baby goes home or to sleep soon! :)

  3. it's only 1:30 and I am ready to go home for the day too! Today is my FRIDAY though so theres that. Also...I have told people that my 30th birthday better be amazing...hey I am giving them plenty of time to figure something out.

  4. let's both go home and watch friday night lights. I am so ready to call it a day

  5. whats wrong with your galaxy?

    i've never seen a baby ostrich before, they are ADORABLE. i love the one that comes running like "wait wait i wanna play!" and then starts spinning. i'm dying. and the one that poops and is like "ok back to spinning!!"

  6. haha i used to watch Early Edition - totally forgot about that show.

    ps I would punch that baby or maybe it's mom
    pps i hated my galaxy & got a google nexus. lovvve it!

  7. I'm the opposite with sunglasses. I have a fat head I guess. And baby's crying in the workplace or lil kids running around the workplace without their parents...Annoys the crap outta me too! My work "forgot" my birthday for 2 weeks. So I did the same angry dance. Hope your vision gets clearer soon!