August 19, 2013

oh, so it's monday already?

What a crazy time I've had lately.  It all started with Thursday, when I had my interview at ABC Company.  Can I just tell you how non-stressed I was, but as soon as they came down to the lobby and said, "Lauren?" (hi. <--me in my tiniest voice) "Hello! You can come with me upstairs." AH! Cue the sweaty palms, big noisy breathing, all inside an elevator full of mirrors.  There was no hiding any of my nervous features.  I don't want to bore you with all the details, other than, it was really tough! The questions were difficult and I had a hard time relating my answers to the job description and my past experience.  All in all, I tried my best, and they seemed receptive to my responses.  It ended with an interview with the HR Recruiter and she told me I would find out next week either way.  Well, by golly, I am pretty busy on Monday and Tuesday, which means Wednesday will roll around rather quickly.  Wednesday seems like a good day to deliver the news.  There are two open positions, and there were 5 candidates.  I have a decent shot.  We will see!  Thank you to everyone for the good luck's and well wishes :)  P.S. totally breaking "blogging rules" on this one, but here is a pic of my outfit from the interview (if you don't follow me, go on and click my instagram link!)

This evening I started to set up a shop on Store Envy.  Mike and I are really trying to start saving our money, (it's been decided that I am on a personal shopping freeze for a year. oh boy!) and I was going through my closet noticing that I had so many dresses that I've worn once or twice (seriously) for different occasions and I just don't need them anymore.  They are in great condition and you can go check them out HERE.  Also, prices can be negotiable. Just ASK!  Items will be added as I continue to go through my collection.  I really do have a lot of things.  Mostly I like to buy things for one-time only occasions and then I never wear them again.  So terrible!

So while I was going through my things, Mike phoned me and told me he got into a small accident.  I was so upset. Basically, what happened was he was on the main road that goes to our home. Riding through the intersection, there are two lanes.  The left lane is one of those lanes that is a Turn/Straight lane.  Mostly anyone who uses this lane turns LEFT.  He was in the right lane, used for going straigh/right. Duh, obviously.  Anyway, this SUV was slightly approaching the intersection before him, with his left blinker on, in the left lane.  This jerk decided he wanted to turn RIGHT at the intersection, and Mike swerved out of the way and he hit him in the driver side passenger door!!! So Mike pulled over and the guy asked him "What were you doing?"  REALLY??? So he then proceeded to say "Let's pull over out of the intersection" So obviously Mike thought that was a good idea, and went.  The guy was behind him with his flashers on...... Mike pulls into a parking lot, and this JERK just decides to KEEP ON DRIVING. AKA Hit and RUN! WHAT THE BEEEEEP. I'm so upset. He called the police but of course he didn't know the make of the vehicle or license plate (ALWAYS ALWAYS TRY TO REMEMBER PEOPLE!). A police report was filed and a call to the insurance company was made.  I told him he better call his mom and just give her a heads up, while he was on the line (about 45 minutes later) he was getting a call from a private number.

Guess who it was?  The police.  They pulled over, and had in custody a man with the description of the person who hit Mike, same type vehicle he described, under a DUI CHARGE in TWO TOWNS OVER (two VERY LARGE towns over).  THANK YOU JESUS. I prayed for a miracle and I got one!!!  I thought this was gonna suck because you pay the deductible and without any information it was highly unlikely we would have gotten that money back.  Now hopefully this jerk's info will be added to the police report and we can move on from this.

Now tomorrow, while you'll all be reading this lovely post, I WILL BE UNDER THE KNIFE!!!

HAHA, TOTALLY JKing.  I will be under the LASER! My LASIK date has finally arrived!!! I'm so so excited, excited actually isn't the word to describe it.  I'm not really nervous at all, I just want the finished result to be so amazing, and I know it will.  To be able to wake up in the morning and not stumble around for my glasses...amazing... to be able to do my makeup without glasses and contacts... be able to SHOWER and SEE, AMAZING!  WISH ME LUCK! I know I won't need it, I have the best doctor around!

Hopefully I will be back Tuesday to blog about the experience! Oh, and I have to give you an update on a pinterest pin I've been doing! Tuesday it is, pending my eyes are okay!


  1. Look at how cute you look! :) So glad they found the guy! Good luck with your lasik today. :)

  2. I'm sure you did awesome at your interview! We always think we did horrible when we didn't. You sure looked super cute though. I'm so glad they found that guy. PTL for little miracles. Good luck with lasik today! Can't wait to hear how it went!

  3. you looked super cute for your interview! I am not hiding under a rock because I knew about your LASIK, but didn't know about the interview? Bad blogger I go to text you and see how you are doing!!! xoxo

  4. I hope you get the job! and OMG I cannot believe that idiot DUI driver! Thank goodness he got caught! Good luck with the LASIK! I reallyyy want it! P.S. I followed you on IG :-)

  5. i always think i've bombed and then get the job, you prob did amazing and just don't know that you did. also, if you think you did bad, maybe all the other candidates did worse! i think you're gonna get it :)
    evn though you have a great doctor, good luck!!!! :)

  6. Good luck on the lasik!! I am not brave enough, but I've thought about it!

    Good luck on the job and so glad they got that driver!

  7. Good luck on the job! I hope you get it! :)
    That's terrible that he got into an accident, but that's amazing he is ok. And good luck with your lasik, I'd be freaking out! But no more glasses, I'm so jealous. haha

  8. Cute outfit! Already checking out your shop! Good luck with the lasik!