August 08, 2013

when things don't go as expected

You know, just when I thought I had my life together, things get all screwed up.

Remember how I told you all that I would be taking a fun road trip to Myrtle Beach? Yeah. That's not happening.  My husband found out that he didn't have time off.  I honestly don't know how that could be, because he's been off a total of 7 times (vacation days) since the beginning of the year.  What? I mean, it's the end of August.  That's just ridiculous.  So that idea has been cancelled.  Wah.

So then, we thought, okay, let's spend the night down in Atlantic City on the 31st. Go early, and drive down to Wildwood, check in the hotel in AC in the late afternoon, and then spend the day in WW again on Sunday.  Wrong again.  Minimum amount for a room charge is close to $400 dollars. Seriously? I get that it's Labor Day weekend, but for real. NO. SORRY. Atlantic City isn't that fabulous.  And WW has a minimum nights required stay, and like I mentioned before, he "doesn't have the time". Such crap.

Third.  I have my upcoming EYE SURGERY (no walk in the park people) on the 19th.  I get a text: "Hey, can you call me."  Texts like that are never good.  I always expect the worse too.  I thought it was maybe news about his family pet, or someone else in the family, but no.  It was a "*The Boss* wants me to travel with her to Destination, USA for a few meetings." My response was, "Oh. cool. Is she paying for your flight tickets?" (Side note: he ALWAYS has to put out his own $ and rarely gets reimbursed). His response, "Well, I'm not sure, she just said that she'd be making the arrangements. But the trip is the 19th through the 21st."  

I'm sorry, SAY WHAT??

The NINETEENTH, and TWENTY FIRST?  Hello. My eye surgery AND BIRTHDAY on top of all that?!?!?

What the freaking you know WHAT!

I'm so angry, it's not even funny.  It's like every chance she get's, she tries to screw him over.  And it works. Every. Single. Time. And I would like to add, in all fairness to my husband, he DID offer to decline the trip and go with me.  He knows how important this is too me.  But I just have this way of always thinking of the future, and if he doesn't go, I just know somehow, it will be thrown back in his face.

Thank god for my best friend Rachel.  She works in a school system so she has the summers off.  She's the only person I could ask for a ride to/from the Surgery.  Of course she said yes. I would have done the same for her.  But I really wanted my husband there with me.  Him to share that moment when I open my eyes and say "I can see!"   I'm just so upset it's not even worth dwelling on at this point. I'll just get in a even more crappy mood and then I'll take it out on others...which I do not want to do.

This month was supposed to be fun.  It's turning into a giant headache.


  1. I'm so sorry! This stinks! I wish I lived closer so that I could help!

  2. Ugh girl that's the worst! My husband has a job where he gets pushed around a lot too and they will tell him that he should never plan travel without buying travel insurance because they can always tell him he can't go. It sucks! I wish I lived closer & could help you out and cheer you up!

  3. oh goodness girl. I am sorry for the unexpected changes. Keep your head up, hopefully things will be on the upswing soon!

  4. How can they make him travel for work and not get reimbursed??? Is that even legal? Sorry hun!

  5. Seriously, he shouldn't go unless he gets reimbursed, that's crazy! But I'm sorry you're having such a tough time right now. This too shall pass. On the plus side (don't hit me), you've got a new follower! (me.) Hang in there. xx

    Allie /

  6. Wah, that all sucks :( I hope something really happy happens for you. You definitely deserve it right about now.

  7. I'm so sorry!! I'd be losing my shit I'd be so mad. :(

  8. This is a giant bummer. So sad that Mike can't be there when you can "see"!

  9. That totally sucks. I'm sorry! But at least your friend can help you out? What are you having done? Hopefully you guys can plan a super fun weekend together (even if it's not AC). Have you checked out the Sands Casino in Bethlehem PA? I had my last birthday there. Or Mohegan Sun in CT?