August 01, 2013

Things I wondered, Part 2 of ?

  • Why do people feel it's necessary to speed in the morning? My guess is that they are late. What good is it going to do if you arrive 2 minutes earlier? Late is late. And no one is that excited to get to work.
  • The ladies in work thrive on gossip. It's so irritating to the point where I become a big baby and slam my desk drawers when they are whispering right outside my desk.  I have to walk away and let it be known it's annoying me because they shouldn't be doing that!
  • When are people ever going to learn to be courteous?
  • My nails need some good TLC.  I think I'm due for a manicure.
  • My glasses are starting to leave a bruise on my nose.  That ticks me off.
    • For anyone who wears glasses: did you ever drive with glasses and then have to glance down for a second for whatever reason, and get really scared because you can't see shit once your eyes look below your lenses?
    • Did you ever try showering and shaving your legs or blow drying your hair with out glasses or contacts in? It's a really hard task!
  • I'm really getting sick of the love/hate relationship I have with family members.
  • Why it feels like FALL outside lately. STOP. The summer is not over.  I will not accept temperatures below 80 degrees until September 22nd, 2013!
  • What is it in coffee that makes you have to pee every 15-20 minutes?
  • Speaking of peeing... oh my god. When you are in the bathroom, and you are doing your business there is something called a COURTESY FLUSH. Learn how to do it.  And don't deny that your shit doesn't stink because everyone's does.
  • I would really be okay if the NFL didn't come on this year. Too bad that's wishful thinking.
  • True story: You know you're a cat lady when....your coworker brings toys in for your cats.  

  • True story #2: I just put this brush in my Amazon cart after reading Raven's post about dry brushing. But I'm not ordering it because I could probably find something similar in Walmart. I am going tonight. If you haven't guessed, I'm pretty impatient.
  • I just had to google spell check the word attendance.  It looked funny on the piece of paper I printed it out on, and then I just felt like a big idiot when I saw how it looked even funnier spelled "attendence"
Well there you have it, a bunch of random thoughts going on in my little head right now. 

In other news, since the official countdown has begun to my big surgery date, I've decided that I'm not going to the gym until I am able to work out without glasses.  I found the Daisy Duke Jessica Simpson work out and I'm going to try it.  I'll let you know how that goes. It's a bunch of squats, planks, weights... you know, basically all the pinterest pins I pin to my exercise board (that I never do).

Who doesn't agree with me that Jessica Simpson looked damn fine in this movie? Don't deny it. Some might say that she was way too thin, but I happen to think that she looks AMAZING. If I could look that way when I walked in the red boots I don't have, I would.


  1. I LOVE this and agree with about 95% of it. 95% bc I'm totally guilty of pinning fall outfits. Ooops.

  2. Love your first statement, ha! Oh my gosh, glad I'm not the only one dealing the work (women!!) drama! I try to just stick to myself, but I swear that means I have an even bigger target on my back! I don't get people! At all! It's like they thrive on it! I can thinking of other things to thrive on & talk about! Kills me. Ok, rant over...for now... ha

  3. i kind of wanter her during that movie. not gunna lie. also...the whole coffee thing i wonder that...ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!

  4. she wasn't too thin, she was all muscle!

  5. I loved Jessica's bod then!

    I'm so with you about refusing to accept fall until it officially arrives.

  6. Love this! Could not agree more with the "it shouldn't be under 80 degrees" thing. It is August, it should not be 65 degrees out! And every time I hear someone say "I love the weather, it feels like fall!" I want to karate chop them.

  7. HAHA I love what you said about putting it in your cart but wanting to go buy it in store tonight! I do the exact same thing! Once I get an idea of something I need (okay more often, want) in my head I can't stop thinking about it and I need it NOW