July 31, 2013

weekend wednesdays

Do you remember that time when I was on a roll posting on the blog, and then I just sort of disappeared? The weekend happened.  Solid reason. Right?

I'm really in no mood to write a novel about the weekend though, so you'll just have to deal with some pictures with captions.

Friday: Campfires...they are always fun, no matter what! Surprisingly, I didn't get eaten alive like usually.
Me, my husband's sister, his mom, his Uncle and his girlfriend.  Doesn't my leg look really strange?

Saturday: The night me and my best friend thought it would be okay to consume 1 liter of wine.

I made a delicious Pinterest recipe that turned out to be very tasteful.  It was a Caprese Lasgana Roll up.  I actually took photos of the entire prep process, and forgot to take a picture of it after it was baked!! I will post the recipe at some point.

This is how we looked prior to drinking. We didn't even plan our matching stripes.

Wine and Scattegories are always a good time.
Peanut really hated me at that moment. 
Then somehow it turned to midnight and some sick stomachs.  We ran out of the wine you saw above, so we decided it would be a good idea to drink the rest of the Barefoot Pinot Grigio from my fridge, that had been sitting in there for a good month or longer.  It had one of those super suction sealer corks in it, so that's good, but that's literally what put us over the edge.  As soon as they left, I ran upstairs and barfed like nobody's business.  This resulted in me passing out on the bathroom floor and waking up around 9 am with an EXTREME hangover Sunday morning.  Just great, because I had to drive up to north Jersey for a birthday party.  Thank god my mother was driving because I felt so sick, the entire morning.  It's now Wednesday and I will tell you my throat still has not recovered from that episode Saturday night.

I was even more disappointed with myself when I found out we were going to a Portuguese restaurant, and they had so many pitchers of Sangria.  I couldn't even look at it without feeling nauseous.

So for being hungover, I guess I don't look that bad!

We ended our weekend on a sad note.  I received a phone call that someone in our family had passed away. Too young and so sad.  Of course out of respect for my family I don't want to write about it on here but I was just in such a somber mood Monday from the wake that I really just wasn't up for posting.

In other news, I have two exciting announcements.  Actually three.

The most minor of them all, my BIRTHDAY is in 21 days!!! WOO-HOOOOO!

Secondly, I've been wearing my glasses now, 24/7 (it TOTALLY sucks in sunlight, and they bruise my nose!) BECAUSE. . . .  I'M GETTING LASIK!  That happens 2 days before my birthday.  Happy Freaking Birthday to me, right?!?

Lastly, I'm going to Myrtle Beach, SC!  There have been some scary rumors (that will most likely come true, just not sure if it will affect me or coworkers) that there will be layoffs.  In fact, NJ Workforce just announced for my site alone 113 layoffs as of October 1st. W. T. F.  Anyway, as you can imagine, I'm upset about this, and wondering what time I will have left in the company, and I still have vacation time left!  Since Mexico was a TOTAL bust, I'm going to road trip it down to SC for the Labor Day Week / Weekend.  So so exciting. I can't wait :)

So that's whats been going on with me in a nutshell.  Let's see how long it takes me before I have my next glass of wine!


  1. You look beautiful in all these pictures! I'm so sorry fro your loss. Yay for lasik! Hope you have a great time in Myrtle Beach!

  2. Thinking of you girl! Glad you have a trip to look forward to! Wish we lived closer and I'd treat you to that glass of wine :) (or three)!

  3. Sounds like you had a blast this weekend!! Myrtle beach is only an hour and a half away from me in NC. We are hoping to go for a weekend trip in end of August. I love the outlet shopping and there are some good local restaurants too!

  4. You look great! LOVE your striped skirt!!

  5. haha I already knew about your weekend but I love reading about it again. with pictures even!
    Congrats on finishing bottle of wine, sorry you got sick after drinking a different bottle. now you know.....

    yay for birthdays and lasik!!!!!!!!!

  6. i love your matching sandals! haha Peanut is like "ma, please, no pictures"
    I'm sorry for your loss :(

  7. So jealous of the LASIK! I want it! Sucks that its right before your bday though. Also, my birthday is on the 23rd! How old are you going to be? I'll be the dreaded quarter-century, blech.