July 23, 2013

things i wondered. part 1 of ?

I just love starting this blog post with a disappointed Jess face. It is so accurate on how I am feeling lately.

To start, I had my coffee mug on the roof of my car when I parked in the garage at work.  I was getting my things from the passenger side (with the door wide open), and this stupid mug decides that it's just going to fall right off, in the most ungraceful way possible, and spill all over my passenger seat, the windows of the rear passenger, and half of it on to the floor.  It was a miracle that it didn't get on my crispy white pants.  But to make matters even more annoying, I knocked it over again while trying to frantically find some paper towels, or starbucks napkins in my glove box. So more of it is gone. Ok, no problem. Why don't I just drop my badge in the pool of coffee while I'm at it too? and THEN, I kid you not, I spilled the mug on my desk just an hour ago.  It's been a bad start to the day.

I have a bunch of questions that don't require answers, they are more, Things I'm wondering today.

  • It's freezing.  Can't these clowns get the temperature right in the office? 
  • fashion bloggers, and their look down and smile at the dirty ground pictures, why?
  • people complaining about their significant others...it's not nice! my coworker does this ALL the time, and thanks to all her stories, i just see him as one big bump on a log.
  • wearing any thing light with a black bra. stop. you look white trash.
    • and coming into work with your hair wet, in a half up half down, the half up portion in a bun, with a SCRUNCHIE and a CLAW on top of that. WHAT?!
  • Leg hair has grown half an inch from this cold air, when I just shaved them this morning
  • Why do I blame the weather on not going to the gym
  • I'm wondering how Mike is doing today on his interviews
  • Why is it such a task for me to walk to the ladies room? I'd rather hold it all day than get up off my ass and go there.
  • I already ate my chips and salsa and i fear i'm starting to smell like an onion
  • I love the fact I'm saving money by staying at my parents but I hate staying there because they eat garbage processed food, all the time!
  • People who are always coughing need to invest in a throat losenger...
  • The fact I have NO work to do seriously scares me
#endrant for the carefree portion of todays post. Thank you for listening :)

On a more serious note: I am feeling, somewhat sad when it comes to blogger. I feel neglected lately.  I blame this on myself.  I up and deleted my old blog without even letting my blog-friends know. I can't help but wonder if they feel hurt and don't want to take the time to recognize my new space on the internet for this reason.  I know that people have lives outside of blogger and it's really unfair of me to judge how or when they follow along with me.  And it's even sad that I think I'm the reason they haven't been by. Full of myself, much?  Yes, maybe.  But who isn't?  Should I have not bought a domain? {it was only $3.00 on godaddy.com!}  Why is it hard for people to commit to a blog by "following" them? It's easier to just type in the web address and read that way?  Why am I getting upset about a stupid number? I don't get how the internet could make me feel so insecure. But it does, as I'm sure it does for others too.  Also, I feel like some of my relationships with certain people have taken a turn down the abandoned lane. Is it me? Is it them? Is it that we don't mix well together?  What do you do when you have the blogger blues??


  1. I loved this post and really appreciated your honesty when talking about blog followers because as a newer blogger I feel the same way. I see that people are reading my blog but no followers....it just makes you sad :) Hope you're day starts going better & know I am a follower and appreciate reading your updates!

  2. Oh boy I can relate to you girl. 1. It has been freezing here too even though it is 85 degrees outside! 2. I tried to take a picuture of my outfit today because I was feeling extra cute and it ended up being me looking at the ground (major fail) 3. I just deleted my old blog and started fresh with a new blog too. I see people reading but no followers.. hmmm. I am a new follower too! I follow on bloglovin.

  3. I love the picture! And I love this post! And you're followers will be back!

  4. dying at your fashion bloggers question hahaahaha

    I'm a new blogger and I kinda wonder the same thing. hopefully it picks up for all of us ^^

  5. omg leg hair in the cold! I am so there with you!!

    and i'm following you now!! I just also check your blog...I didn't even remember to do it! :) xoxo