July 16, 2013

late anniversary, early birthday

Don't you just love early birthday presents?? I certainly do. But before I talk about my upcoming birthday, I will back track to March/April.  On March 31st, my husband and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary!! We went to Niagara Falls and it was extremely cold but such a wonderful sight to see.  He had a few gift ideas in mind, but of course being the man he is, he wanted to ask me first what I would prefer.  Most girls would be annoyed by this, I am grateful.  I would much rather prefer a gift that I asked for, than a surprise with something that I don't like.  That sounds totally snobby, but it's true.  If I don't like something, I have the HARDEST time accepting it and acting like I like it.  Out comes the bold personality in me. Anyway....we came back from our trip and I was feeling bummed that I still didn't receive a present so he took me out and he bought me the Isaac Mizrahi perfume.  At first I LOVED it.  I got the idea from a co-worker who started wearing the samples she got from Lord and Taylor to work.  I just thought it was such a nice, refreshing scent that didn't leave me with a headache.

We bought the perfume, but the sales lady loaded me up with free samples.  So naturally, I have been using the samples ever since.  Well I just about ran out two weeks ago and tried to use the actual bottle of perfume.  It was a gift set that came with a lotion, a shower gel (who uses that stuff?) and an adorable polka dot umbrella, in the cutest circular box.  Think of a hat box, but smaller. I threw the box away because the top just would not sit properly.  I go to spray the perfume, and it doesn't come out! What the. . .  I said, okay, its brand new, enough perfume didn't get into the tube to come out. Oh I was pumping what seemed like for a good minute before I decided that I just got a dud of a bottle. Wah :(

I look at my receipt and I'm literally 5 days away from the return period expiring.  I hate going to the mall. Shocker- right? Ever since I moved out I just never go anymore. Target, Marshalls and Kohl's are my main shops nowadays.  So, we went to the mall on a Friday night (what were we thinking) and I returned the perfume.  I wish i could say the return was as easy as me writing it.  It's a really long story but the fact is, we got our $80.00 back.  So now, I am left without an anniversary present and my birthday is rolling around in another month so......

in comes Marshall's to the rescue!

We had to go to Kohl's (in the same complex as Marshall's) to return a shirt I bought.  I got it in the store and it was really cute, but then tried it on at home and just didn't look right. You know how that goes. I begged Mike to "just take a quick look!!" in Marshall's.  Smart man, his response was "it's never just a quick look, we end up spending at least 20 minutes in there every time!"  Now think what you want, but I am someone who doesn't like to go shopping alone.  I really should invest in some girlfriends down by me.  But being the loyal guy he is, of course he comes with.  I do my usual routine, stroll through the clothes that are staring directly at you when you walk in, turn right and check out the dresses, then skip down to the purse aisle where I see. . .


a cognac Michael Kors cross body bag??? YES!

My eyes lit up like it was Christmas time. It was larger than most cross body bags I've seen so I was worried about the price tag.  Ladies, it was only $150.00.  that is a big 'hell yes I'm buying it' in my book. It was originally $248 so I'm just thrilled.  It's a really nice size on the inside too.  it has a phone pocket under the flap, and also a pocket in the back (not shown), and fits basically everything I need for the day.

While we are at it, What's in my bag?

Nook. Eyeglass case, pretend Wallet, eye drops, car keys, invisalign case.  Pretty rad, right?

So my birthday is next month, and I promised Mike that he doesn't have to get me a gift.  Do you think I'll end up finding another present for my birthday??


  1. That is SUCH a score, and for such a cute bag as well! Happy early, early birthday to youuuu!

  2. That was a serious issue! I hope this time he'll surprise you. The bag is so pretty ;)

    Areeba @ Aree With Umbrella

  3. YAY You got your MK Cross body. You've only been talking about it for how long?? ;)