July 01, 2013

The infamous "About Me" post

Tell me about yourself.

Why is it that these types of questions are always the hardest?

As human beings, we have no problem talking about ourselves at any given moment during the day.  Do you ever find yourself in a conversation with someone, and then all of a sudden you chime in, "Me too! This one time. . ." and then you just take over and start talking about yourself.  I am so guilty of this (and it's so rude!) this is one thing 'about me' I hate!

Anyway, I think the best way for me to explain myself is in short sentence fragments.  I know my sixth grade English teacher would give me a big fat F for this. But "it's my blog and I can write what I want to". Right?

 New Jersey:  
'Cause down the shore everything’s alright
You and your baby on a Saturday nightNothing matters in this whole wide world, now girl, now, nowWhen you’re in love with a Jersey girl
Like any Jersey Girl, i love my Bruce Springsteen.But piss me off? and I might go Teresa Giudice on you.

HAHA oh my gosh, i'm TOTALLY JOKING!

the girl behind the blog title and her side kick.
i instagram these babies on a daily, hourly basis. get used to it.

short and sweet but no sugar coats:
well, i'm short (5'3) and sweet but if you want to be my friend, i'm going to tell you the truth. plain and simple. if you don't like it, i'm sorry.

can we move? let's go to north carolina. ok, do you like this house in NJ? did you know that PA would only be a 30 minute ride to work?  this italian grey hound is so cute! OHMYGAWD i NEEEED this yorkie poo! do you want to go shopping?  the pool is CALLING my name.  what's for dinner? i don't know what i want. ok we are eating chicken franchese, how many times are you going to ask?? i love this michael kors purse. wow, i HAVE to get this dress in target.

yeah. you get the point.

musically noisy:
it's no secret that my husband can't STAND my noises and singing.  he's often compared me to:

girl next door:
i'm an all-american girl.
i cook, i bake, i clean, i smile.

well if this picture isn't proof in itself, i don't know what is.  american flag shirt, jean shorts, baking, clean house. what more could you want? and all of that done with a smile on my face