July 18, 2013

Marty McFly is seriously confused.

So I probably owe everyone a big explanation as to what happened to the LO down.  I didn't email anyone to let them know that I permanently shut down my old blog.  I just kind of popped up out of the blue and started commenting on some of your blogs with my new site, and a few of you were like "Huh?? who? what?"  I'm sorry to do that!

Let me explain.  So much has been going on in my personal life that I do not wish to disclose on a public blog to complete strangers.  I'm sorry for that.  I will let you know that my old blog was tied to my personal email account and things haven't been looking the best for me at my current place of employment so I've been applying like crazy to new jobs...with that email...that's tied to the blog. I got to a point that if I googled my whole name, things would show up that I blogged about, or pictures of me.  I don't want that, and I'm sure most of you could understand this.  Also, most of my blog post have been written during the hours of 8-11am, which clearly is a time that I should be "working" !

Anyway, I deleted everything.  When I say everything, I mean everything.  It was sad for me to do that because I really liked some of the content from my old blog.  Some of my favorites being Rules for Driving in NJ, Coworkers you love to work with, and Gym-etiquette. But it had to be done, and now here I am, back and as good as new.

So, now that I've explained that one, its Thursday (Already?? isn't that awesome!) and obviously that means:

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The hosts


George W. Bush was our president for the 2nd time, London experienced bomb attacks in July, and Hurricane Katrina was the USA's biggest disaster since 9/11.  These were some of the top news stories that year. But I'm not here to talk tragedy on the peanut program today, so let's tune into something a little more carefree:

2005: Also known as The year of Abercrombie & Fitch jean skirts and leggings with flip flops or UGG boots

See below incase you have forgotten about this amazing style

I'm sorry I wasn't able to find you a picture showing the flip flops...

oh wait,

my sisters and I decided it would be appropriate to wear matching outfits to a rush party.

if you can't read what my shirt says, allow me to write it out for you:

Mini -Van

Mega - Fun!

I know Marty, I'm just as confused as you are.


until next time!


  1. So glad I finally figured out what was going on. Last time I tried to click on your new link, it wouldn't work. (BTW- you're a no comment blogger, so I can't write back to your comments :o(! ) Love the Back to the Future reference. LOVE those movies!

  2. I totally forgot about this trend, BAM!
    Areeba @ Aree With Umbrella

  3. Omg lol and those trendy graphic tees with saying too. Goodness, how I don't miss those days...

  4. oh...that trend. and those t shirts. Conserve Water. Shower with a Friend (thank you A&E)
    and thanks for the reminder of that awful trend.

  5. Oh my. Those outfits are so rough... and to think I thought it was the coolest thing! I think fitted graphic tees were an even worse trend than mini skirts and leggings.