August 05, 2013

i'm feeling in a 1960's vibey kind of way

When in doubt, there is always a weekend update :)

I started off my leave at noon Friday afternoon in a huff.  There was a lot of traffic going home, and I went to the mall to buy everything but what I needed to. I left with two new dresses and a suit.  Someone slap me for going shopping when I shouldn't be. 

But the suit was an "I-need-this" purchase, because I have something important coming up next week.  Too bad it was an "I-need-this" purchase up until I came home and found my other suit (of course, isn't that always the way) lodged in between Mike's 800 suits in our other closet.  I'm going to hold onto this one however, in case I need another one. (Calvin Klein black skirt and jacket suit for only $110!)

I bought two dresses: a Nine West one (on super sale!) and a maxi dress from Marshall's.  I bought the maxi dress with the idea of wearing out to dinner for Rachel's birthday however a storm was possibly on the horizon and Red Bank is more of a little black dress kind of place anyway.  So now, I'm saving the maxi dress for my special birthday dinner in Point Pleasant in a couple of weeks.  The nine west dress was a great deal, at $29.99 and I figured it would be perfect for work. I'll post a picture in another week or two when I wear it, vs the model picture on the website. It's an "ombre" effect between Tan, Cream/White and Jade. It's really cute.

Did I tell you all I had my heart set on Qdoba queso dip and chips for dinner? Well, I did. Friday night.  I passed up meeting Mike for lunch on Friday at Chipolte because I just think Qdoba's queso dip trumps all. I said, let's go out and have a nice dinner there and then watch JAWS when we get home. Great! I got showered after my mall trip, (noticed the shower being cold, but dismissed this) and got ready. We are driving, and I'm looking (habit) and see the Qdoba sign is GONE. WHAT. Did they move?  Let's go look at the door, maybe they have a new space and posted their new address in the door. NOPE. GONE. ZILCH. ZERO. WHY!

Needless to say, I was a real b*tch about dinner that night.  We tried bubbakoo's but that shit was the worst mexican restaurant I think I've ever set my foot into.  PUMP NACHO CHEESE (like the kind you get in a school cafeteria) as Queso?! EW.

So I went to the mall looking for these
And then came up with nothing. The store called their other store in a mall 25 minutes away.  They didn't have them either. I was devastated because I knew that's what I wanted to get for her birthday. I even checked a place in Manasquan and considered going there on a Friday with beach traffic.  They were out anyway. WELLLL, it just so happens that Red Bank has an actual Alex & Ani store and they had plenty in stock! I got there way before Rachel even arrived because I knew we had a walk from where we were going out to dinner.  I picked them up, they were wrapped in a cute bag and I was good to go.

We ate at Buona Sera.  It's a great place, and if you're ever in the Monmouth County NJ area, I recommend this restaurant. I had the Shrimp Francese, while the flavor was DELICIOUS, the actual broth/sauce was too watery for my taste...I like it when it's slightly more towards the thicker consistency. Mike had a steak and it was a nice, tasty chunk of meat.

It was a great night. I had an appletini prior to dinner and 1 glass of Riesling (during dinner) and I've come to the conclusion that I just SUCK at drinking anymore. I know that I was totally buzzed! What IS that? Did I turn 80 overnight?

Our hot water is non-existent in the house, so I spent Sunday sunning on the deck and getting really hot and sweaty so I could tolerate an ice cold shower. And ice cold it was. Luckily the plumber is coming tomorrow. Hope I don't see any 'cracks' in the pipes :)

I started the Jessica Simpson - Daisy Duke work out. Boy do my legs burn.  Girls aren't joking when they say squats are the best exercise for your butt and thighs! Since I'm still in glasses (T-Minus 14 days!) I'll be sticking to walking and this work out along with other pinterest inspired ones until I'm able to swim and get back on the treadmill again.

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Oh, P.S. my 1960's vibey title refers to the filter I put on all the photos in Ribbet. Very creative..I know.


  1. i love qdoba queso and would have been so pissed if i got there and it was gone.


  2. Hey, I nominated you for a Liebster Award! Check it out @

  3. Girl I am so bad about shopping when I am not supposed too! Ha! People may not agree but I like Qudoba more than Chipotle anyway! Love the pictures.

  4. I need to get like JSimpson on that Daisy Duke workout, homegirl looked GOOD then! Love those bracelets! How did I just realize that this is YOU on a new blog name???

  5. I LOVE those Alex and Ani best friend bracelets!! And where did you get the Calvin Klein suit for $110?!? Unfortunately I am going to have to wear suits everyday when I get a job and I only have 1 right now that barely even fits!