September 24, 2013

tuesday nonsense + TBT topic revealed :)

Since I'm lacking some ideas for a post today, I'd like to share a photo that was just taken today. This here is what I walked in to see taped to our microwave in our kitchen at work.

So, this just downright makes me chuckle.  The message, the dirty cake plate, the saying "have pride in your kitchen", the OLD WOMAN FROM SHUTTERSTOCK IN A FRAME. Yes, it's hard to tell, but that is a plastic frame, the kind you get from the Dollar Store....

Funny thing is, is that I know exactly who put this very important message up in the kitchen. She looks just like the woman in the shutter stock photo.

She probably has an attitude like her as well :)

Have you ever had funny messages taped to the walls in your office common-areas??

NOW. I can't even believe that I forgot to post this yesterday (however I did on twitter!)...I was in SUCH a mood from those items I talked about that it completely slipped my mind.  I mentioned on Friday that Jennifer and I are revamping (I just love that word) Throwback Thursdays.  Once a month, special topic, plain and simple.  Well, the topic for THIS THURSDAY!!! is:

TBT to your BEST school portrait.  And when we say "BEST" we mean the worst! Bad hair day? Funny smile? Neon clothing? Maybe you aren't even looking at the camera? 

Come link up with us and show us some funny school portraits!

Honestly, I can't even wait - - and I really hope you take the time to link up!! I already know what portrait I'm using. Let's just say I have all those topics covered up above. I'm excited to see everyone else's portraits. Please, grab the button and come link up :)

Oh, and P.S. we know there are many link ups now for each day of the week.  I want to give a shout out to Manda, who has been hosting the 30 miles in 30 days link up! If you have been exercising, and keeping track of your miles, she wants to know! Check out her blog: HERE. I've been so on and off with the whole exercising thing (I know, excuses, excuses), but it really has been ever since my LASIK. I'm just so nervous that I'm going to burn my eyeballs if I get sweat in them (I'm a sweaty pig when I work out). 

Anyway, have a fabulous Tuesday!! And anyone who watched SLEEPY HOLLOW last night, shoot me an email so we can talk!


  1. Thank you for the love! I think I'm gonna link up next week with my school picture. I don't have them here, they are at my parents, but I know I have some good ones! I didn't get to watch SH last night, but I am as soon as I get home tonight!!

  2. The note! I should snap one that is in my work kitchen right now - about towels. It is like what?? However, mine is not framed. Ohhh the ladies who have nothing better to do.

  3. bahaha love that shutterstock photo!

  4. Ha! Gotta love passive aggressive notes at work! I am totally doing this link up! I just had to pull old photos for an assignment and have so many "great" school photos!

  5. We have signs on the toilet doors which read: keep the toilet clean, the next user will appreciate' It drives me insane every time I see it. All my school pictures are with my mom, hard copy, which I think might just be a good thing

  6. That's ok. I work in an administrative offices, off - site from the health care clinic I work for, so I work with the CEO, CFO and administrative assistant. This past Friday, the CEO wanted to have a meeting about cleaning up our office area better. (Who has time for this??) So she gives her assistant a list of things to purchase (bucket, gloves, cleaning supplies, etc.) Said we need to clean better on Friday's and that includes cleaning our copier (HA!). So what does she do after our meeting? LEAVE! She leaves for the day and expects us to do all the cleaning. UGHHHHHHHHH And she's the one who eats in her office with crumbs all over the freaking floor. Disgusting.

  7. there's a sign in or kitchen that says something about not burning popcorn because of the smell. and not just a printed sign. a hard plastic one that was obviously ordered. so i guess it's been a real problem in the past haha.

    i would love to participate in this link up but all my pix are back home in MA. damn

  8. Hahaha I used to be the one writing those signs, because I was an office manager! I like this one! And I need to catch up on Sleepy Hollow... will let you know when I do!