September 20, 2013

5 "favorite" things i'm loving

Happy Friday ya'll!   

I really wished that I lived below the mason-dixon line so I could say ya'll all the time and not get sideways looks from the people I interact with on a daily basis (up here in the dirty jerz).  In fact, very recently, I said ya'll to my husband and he said "ya'll? what are you from Texas or something?", because you know, only Texans say things like that.  It just sounds so much better than hearing "yous guys", don't you think?

Anyway, since today is Friday, we dedicate this day to our Favorites things. 

"these are a few of my favorite things!"

Friday Favorites 9-20-13

Friday Favorites 9-20-13 by peanutprogram featuring ceramic mugs

[1] Flowers: Fake or Fresh, they just really add nice character to your home!

[2] A nice cup of joe on Saturday morning.  I think that waking up at 8am on a Saturday, and sitting down in the quiet for a few having my coffee is of my weekend. Hands down.

[3] Brown Nail polish.  I do not currently have on Essie's mink muffs, however I tried searching for the color closest to what I am wearing.  I just love brown nail polish.  Looks like milk chocolate :) And although it is brown, it pretty much goes with everything.

[4] The crock pot.  I made this recipe last weekend and it was such a hit.  The chicken came out PERFECTLY.  *If you do attempt making this, I was NOT able to find the fajita sauce, so I bought enchilada sauce instead, and measured out 8oz because that's how big the fajita sauce package was. It was a good substitute. I'm going to try making shredded beef this weekend.

[5] Bare Minerals bronzer.  The color is called "Skinny Dip". It's really perfect for all skin tones because it isn't too dark, but not too light either.


I'm very excited to announce that Jennifer & I are re-vamping Throwback Thursdays!  It kind of fell off the face of the blogger earth over the summer, but we were all so busy that linking up wasn't our priority.  We will be posting ONE TIME per month, as we all know that linking up every week can become overwhelming and it get's old quick.  I'll have more details next week as we finish up our collaboration!  

P.S. Save the date for next Thursday as there is still time to have it this month! I will let you know the category on Monday morning. 

Have a fabulous weekend ladies!


  1. I love the updates you made to your blog!!!! Can't wait for next Thursday!

  2. I say y'all all the time now, I don't even notice when people here in Jersey look at me weird. lol

  3. I love that nail polish. I'm planning on painting mine a similar color this weekend. I love flowers too, fresh or fake!

  4. a) Love this new look. b) I say y'all all the time and do not care!

  5. I love that essie color! It is one of my go tos in the fall. I say y'all all the time :) Living below the mason dixon definitely has it perks!

  6. So I thought I had commented on this, but it appears that I did not! Having a cup of coffee on Saturday, or Sunday (or really any day that I am not commuting or interrupted while drinking it) is definitely one of my favorite things! And I will be trying that recipe soon- sounds delish! My crockpot was one of the best gifts I ever got, and by far my most used kitchen gadget (not including the wine opener... obviously).

  7. I'm so feeling the fresh flowers...I've never been a big flower fan until lately. Coffee is a MUST and I would love for you to make that crockpot recipe for me. :) Kidding...kind of.

    Cute've gained your newest out! :)