September 06, 2013

so so happy it's friday.

Why is it that the week after a Holiday, it's always the longest?  For me, I've only been at work since WEDNESDAY. It's not even like I was here for four days.  Three whopping days, and I'm ready to fall asleep at my desk.  I know what I'm doing on lunch: napping.  I have my first full-day Friday today, it's only 10:39am and I'm already feeling it.  I know wahh, wahh, cry me a river.  A lot of people didn't have the privilege of summer hours during the summer like I did.  But a lot of other people also don't have to travel 60 miles one way to work!

Ok, enough complaining.  I went to Homegoods, Pier 1, Marshalls, Target AND Lowe's last night (instead of watching the football game).  Somehow, I still made it home before kick off. UGH. :D :D

I was able to find a really adorable chair for the new "office", and a few knickknacks (future dust collectors) as well.  I also split secondly decided on a paint color for the room as well. Lowe's brand Valspar, Polar Star. A very light grey.  I found a few samples, himmed and hawed for about 3 minutes and decided, What the hell. JUST DO IT.  There is no sense in doing 8,000 live samples in your home because honestly, who has time for that, and secondly, there are just way too many choices!   

I'm keeping an active log of what I've purchased, from where, and how I paid for it.  I'm super duper excited, because I randomly found a Barnes and Noble left over gift card amongst a pile of crap in the closet, and it still had $14.00 on it.  I was reading  Lauren's blog the other day and saw that she had the most adorable block sign EVER, and that I MUST own it.  I googled it, and found that it came from B&N! It was fate.  

Precious, right?? God I'm such a cat-lady.

Gosh, I totally forgot about 30 in 30 link up, and I only posted about it two days ago!! (I'm literally hanging my head in shame right now.)  Ridiculous brain, I tell you.  So yeah, September started 6  days ago, and I went to the gym once.  I was away from my home a lot and I'm just so nervous to really get back in the swing of things with my eyes and all.  What if I get sweat in them? Are they going to burn?  I guess I could always invest in a good, old, sweat band bahaha. Hey, I don't look too bad with a spiky, frosted, bleach blonde hair do, do I ?

Adventures of Manda and Mr Howie

Have a fantastic weekend. I know what I'll be doing: PAINTING!


  1. I too have had a 3 day week and am totally ready for a nap! I didn't do a daggon thing last night either. Seriously? What's wrong with me? I can't wait to see how the office turns out! And you have plenty of time to catch up on your miles. I've only got 3 in as of right now myself.

  2. I love finding forgotten gift cards! Have a great weekend :-)

  3. Haha I just came across you blog and was laughing within the first few sentences. I will def be coming back to enjoy more of your musings lol. And i'm not sure spiky frosted tips are your look but you're def rocking those green sweatbands!!!

  4. That block sign is just too perfect. Every cat lady needs one! I can't wait to see how your new office turns out, I just love before and afters :)

  5. I can't wait to see your office redone! I've been in such a mood lately to redo my bedroom and find new furniture! If only I had an unlimited budget!

  6. I can't wait to see how it turns out! You went to all my favorite stores so I know it will be amazing!

  7. it is always great to have some goals and have others alongside you trying to achieve those same goals, good luck this month! you can do it