September 13, 2013

it's a long one . . .

Hiii hooooooooooo, hi hooooooooooo, hi-ho, hi ho hii hooooooooooooo.

Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's off to work I go.

Oh wait, I'm already here. Womp womp.

Can I just rant for a quick minute on how ridiculous my drive into work was today? Thanks. It seriously was so awful.  It took me an hour and a half! The traffic was insane-- besides there being an accident (or 2 or 3 actually), don't people work at home on Friday's?  Bumper-to-bumper for about 45 minutes for a whopping 13 miles!!  I hate the Garden State Parkway.  What I wouldn't give to travel on ANY other road in NJ for work but the GSP.  Ok, maybe I wouldn't take 287, or I-78.. but any other road... Please!

I'd also like to take a minute to notify my non-New Jersey blogger friends, how devastated the state of New Jersey is right now.  Yesterday, there was a horrendous fire in Seaside Park. It consumed nearly three dozen businesses in Seaside and a lot of them were  recently rebuilt after being torn apart last year by Hurricane Sandy.  It's so sad, 3 years in a row what this state has seen, all in the same time period of September to October. Just take a look at this image I put together.  Before, 2011- Hurricane Irene, 2012 - Hurricane Sandy. and just yesterday.

Just pure devistation.  I have no words.  I can only hope and pray that New Jersey can rebuild from this and be able to recreate some old memories and new memories for the future.

Now that I've gotten my sad news out of the way, let's try and focus on some positive things for Friday.

[one]: I am so flipping excited about receiving my new apple wireless bluetooth keyboard!! it is AMAZING. Ok. I mean, it's easy to use, and there's NO WIRES! hallelujah to the folks who created these things.

[two]: the peanut program.  not in the blog sense, but the actual cat sense. my girl misses me.  I love her to pieces, and she slept on my pillow last night. So annoying. Yeah right- I was loving every minute of it, even if I had a tiny small space on the corner :)

[three]: Music.  Obsessed with: Gaga- Applause, Armin van Buuren - This is what it feels like (yes, I caved and paid 2.00 for this stupid song), LUKE BRYAN - that's my kinda night and Miley - Wrecking ball.  Hate the video, LOVE the song.

[four]: Coffee.  I forgot how the corner store has amazing coffee. FOR A DOLLAR.

[five]: can we just give that girl props? She's been the most talked about celebrity for 2 weeks now, yes she's quite raunchy, and I'll be the first to admit I miss hannah, but wrecking ball is a great song. and she broke the record hits on vevo for 24 hours! NINETEEN  . THREE MILLION views.. in 24 hours people.  Do I even need to mention that it's now at 72 mil? I don't care who's watching and rewatching because shes naked.. that's pretty insane.


  1. I looooove That's My Kinda Night - of course that man does NO wrong in my eyes! I hear about the fires and stuff up in NJ - hope you are safe friend! Happy weekend!

  2. i love that damn cat - and that's saying a lot! stay safe out there, and prayers all around for NJ and that GSP You speak of - sounds like they need some more lanes!

  3. Poor Seaside :-(

    and ahh Apple products!! My poor iPhone 4s is truly having issues right now, and I reallyyyy want (NEED!) the iPhone 5s in gold!

    Hannah! Come back!!

  4. I hate that for Seaside. So many memorable places are now gone :o(

    Love LB song! And I hate to admit it, but I like the new Miley one too.

  5. props to miley! you know i love that bitch.
    um peanut is beyond precious. that picture melts my heart.

    how did the fire start??! that is soooo sad!!!

  6. Your cat is adorbs.

    I like the new Miley song too!

  7. I do have to give it to Miley. Any publicity is good publicity.