December 03, 2013

OOTD and other Random crap :)

It's not very often I go all fashion-blogger posting, but today I wanted to share my pinterest (okay other blogger) inspired outfit (that I immediately went online to order the 3 pieces after I saw it was current) with you all.

First, the pin: (let me know that you can see it!) it's not showing up in the draft post.

Second, me:

I mean, I don't think I did too shabby, right? Is that even the right phrase? Whatever. Point is, I don't have a cute polka dot belt like she does, however I have an old white belt with holes in it due to the cats chomping down on it. It's practically a 3-D polka dot belt.......anyways, since I was able to order the exact sweater and shirt, I did good. I opted to wear booties rather than pumps because it's not exactly warm here, well it isn't cold either but  I didn't want my ghostly feet hanging out for all to see. Oh and she has a faux fur scarf on, and I don't particularly care for fur anything (unless it's living) so I ordered an infinity scarf from Old Navy (which is currently sold out or else I'd link to it!)

Shirt: Old Navy, I can't find it!
Sweater: Old Navy, out of stock! argh!, similar, this is it in grey
Belt: Old, Forever 21, simliar
Scarf: Old Navy similiar
Booties: Nine West, similar, similar

Now, onto the random:

I had a dream last night that I drank that Holiday Sangria that is floating around Pinterest and then I looked like I had just sacrificed myself to the poisonous fog in Catching Fire. I was convinced that I was allergic to the tree that they put in the mix, or the berries, they could have been nightlock!!! So, that was weird.

I'm thankful I didn't wake up that way, however I might be slightly cautious when drinking the Holiday Sangria (if I decide to try I mentioned before, that tree branch is throwing me off a little, but maybe it pulls it all together??)

Since I told everyone I would start planking again as of yesterday, I recreated the original "Planksgiving" pin to cater it towards Christmas...since I celebrate Christmas. Go ahead and join me on this challenge. I AM STICKING TO IT THIS MONTH.

I'm quite annoyed today.  It all started yesterday with a simple question to my boss: "Would you allow me to work at home tomorrow being the entire group will be at XYZ all day?"  The could-be long story, short answer is that, No I am not allowed to work at home as there is no business justification why I would need to. So here I am at my desk this morning fuming that I drove an hour to support nothing but the thin air today.  Oh, and I've gotten a total of 3 emails today...2 of which were trash, and the other was an email from my mother with the subject line: "6 Odd Cat Behaviors Explained". #crazycatlady

Now I know what I'm doing after I hit publish :)


  1. "practically a 3D polka dot belt" bahaha! LOVE IT!! :) shoot do your planks at work today!

  2. Your outfit is absolutely adorable girl!!! And I will totally do your plank challenge with you too!

  3. Okay, too cute! Laughing out loud at the 3D polka dot belt statement.

  4. I think your outfit turned out great! Better than I could've done! 99% of my belongings have teeth marks in them -_-

  5. I LOVE that outfit on you! You did an awesome job recreating it! That Holiday sangria sounds divine too!

  6. LOVE it! I want to join in on Planksmas!!!

  7. hahaha 3D polka dots you crack me up and look super cute!

  8. Ooooh I feel you on the whole why cant I work from home thing. I worked at a very small company (16 people) and they were all going on a business trip for a week to South Africa so I asked if I could work from home- the only thing I really did was answer emails/phone calls, greet guests and make coffee anyway...and I could have forwarded the calls to my cell, and they said no. Pretty sure I came in to work hungover 3/5 days that week since no one was there to care. And wow- love the look! You did a great job and look super cute!

  9. You are hilarious. Just so you know, when I chat with the bf about my blogger buddies I refer to you as Peanut. However you are now known as Peanut the Crazy Cat Lady. Love it!

    Also, great job on the outfit... Too cute!

    & Im in on Planksmas but it's your fault if I die.

  10. Your outfit looks great! I think I love it more than the original!