December 27, 2013

is it too early for a glass of wine?

I just had the most frustrating phone screen interview of my life just 2 minutes ago.

Twenty Five Minutes of pure torture!

At this point, I don't even want to go on the interview (if they even offer, which I'm sure they won't because I couldn't even answer some easy ass questions!)

Besides being mildly unprepared (like having a list of my current duties, short/long term goals), I'd like to mention that the recruiter was a complete bitch.  She was so snippy, fast-talking, SO NOT ENCOURAGING bitch.  I've done phone interviews before.  I know what to expect. She was the complete opposite of what I was expecting.

She probably was pissed I didn't answer her phone call the first time.  Ok, it showed up like this on my iphone: "Uknown 312915415010" Really? What the hell kind of number is that?  I thought it was an international number calling me because Mike recently got a phone call from TAIWAN. WHAT? (Yes that really did happen). Anyway, thank god she left her phone number in the voicemail. I called back IMMEDIATELY and said my name, and really fast paced she replied "WHO DIS? OH. The Phone Screen. K." and then we moved on our merrily way (or not).

I've been on phone screen interview calls before...we all get flustered, it's only natural.  And it's only natural to be ENCOURAGING and soft-voiced and nice to the person who's obviously flustered as hell, instead of being all like "you whack bitch you talkin bout movin to 'notha company so tell me wut your short-term GOALS ARE BIOTCH!"  Ok, so she didn't call me a bitch but the way I typed out that statement is exactly how she sounded.

So anyway, she wrapped up the phone call with a "Good luck and Happy Holidays! mmmbye" and that was that.

Thank god that shit is OVER.  At this point she's ruined it for me and I don't even want to be offered an interview.  But I'm betting you all one penny that I don't get one anyway.

Where's the riesling?


  1. Grab the riesling and chardonnay!
    That sucks she was like that. Sorry you had to go through that.

  2. aw I'm sorry girl. Phone screenings are SO awkward, and it's even worse that the person screening you was such a bia!

  3. I hate phone interviews...period! It makes it worse when the people are nasty! I hope you get that glass of wine soon!!

  4. So when I read your title, I thought "um no it's def not too early!" then I read this & want to bring you a bottle myself!

  5. I hate "bad" interviews. But hey every interview is practice, that's how I look at it.