December 16, 2013

productive mondays :)

You know when you wake up in the morning thinking you are going to have the most productive day ever?  Silly are we to actually believe that will happen.

I woke up this morning feeling extra frisky, so I decided to take the day off today.  I'm hosting a Cookie Exchange on Thursday so I figured I would get a head start on baking, mail out Christmas gifts for my brother & family, put together a new bookcase that we bought over the weekend for our living room reno project, and just enjoy a Monday off.

It  actually started with me waking up this morning feeling really wiped out.  I never sleep on Sundays and last night wasn't the exception. And Mike's alarm clock ringing off the hook since 3:30am didn't help either (he goes to the gym in the AM before work).  But he tends to be a snoozer, big time. And it gets to the point where I'm yelling (probably in my sleep) "TURN THAT SHIT OFF OR ELSE I'LL KILL YOU!" Okay, not really, but yeah really.

He came back from the gym and I was still in my slumber dreaming about turnpike car crashes (thank god I woke up from that one) and he started my coffee for me.  What a guy.  So the amazing aroma of a fresh pot of coffee was good enough to get my ass up at 6:30 this morning.

So I had my two cups of coffee and off I began to my big productive day.  Well, first strike, is my bathroom is closer than usual so of course coffee makes me pee like crazy (TMI? Get over it.) so there's time out every time that happens.  Then I was off to find a box to mail the gifts out to OK in.  Well, there's no issue with that because I have eleventy hundred boxes in my garage because I may just be a box hoarder. Ask me if any of them fit? Well, none of them fit. Come ON. Freaking stamp kit for my niece is to blame with it's odd box size.  So then I put the stuff in two boxes and decided, screw that I'm not paying double shipping to mail this stuff out (grinch- I know, but shipping isn't cheap!).  So I resorted back to the first of five boxes I tried and squeezed that shit in like you wouldn't believe.  I wrestled with this box closing it, but SUCCESS!! Oh, but before I say success I have to let you know I searched about 15 minutes for my packing tape.  Car, garage, pantry, closets, cube organizers, where do you think it was located? In the kitchen, in the cat's section of cabinets. Who the hell put that there? You bet your bottom dollar it wasn't me!

So now that we've established that I'm peeing every 5 minutes, and it took me about a 1/2 hour combined to find tape, boxes and put the box together, now it's time to move onto the post office shenanigans.

First I stopped by the corner store where I get my dollar coffee on some mornings.  There is a small post office in the plaza and I should have known better to go there.  But anyway I parked in the busy lot and started my walk to the post office.  Those sneaky bastards have mirrored windows so you can't see how many people are standing on line in a cramped little room. There were TEN PEOPLE on the line at freaking 9 am in the morning. Don't you people have work? What the hell!  So I didn't even make it in there before saying "oh hellll no" and walked out.  Little do I know that I look like the idiot as I burn rubber getting out of that parking lot and thinking I'm smarter than everyone I'll just go to the Chambersbridge post office!! Well, I hit every. single. light. getting there which added an extra 10 minutes of travel time when it should have been 5...oh and behind bratty children in school buses.  Seriously, what schools transport their students at 9:15 in the morning? Shouldn't they be there already? Anyway, I got to the post office oh-so-excitedly because I noticed there were only a few cars in the lot! SCORE! Ha, those idiots by the corner store...they'll be waiting for hours, ha HA!  I walk in with my big box and a grin on my face to find that the post office doesn't open till TEN A.M.  WHAT THE FLIPPITY EFF. I stomped out of there annoyed to bits thinking I'd just wait in my car. Oh no, it was only 9:17am at this point.  So 10 minutes later (hit every light AGAIN) I'm sitting home writing this blog post.

Maybe I'll go bake my first set of cookies.  Knowing my track record this morning, I'll end up burning the bottoms.

Wish me luck!

P.S. Now that I think about it, I'm already screwed with the burning bottoms..I'm out of parchment paper!


  1. Oh goodness! Bless your heart! Well, at least you tried! Ha!

  2. OMG!!!!! Talk about a Monday morning. Every time I got to the post office, no matter what time or day, it is ALWAYS a long line. I think it's a conspiracy.

  3. That sounds like how my days go when I try to take the day off! Hope the rest of your day is more productive!!

  4. The post office is my least favorite place in the entire world.

  5. Everytime I take a day off to get ahead on something, it never really goes how I planned it. It's a curse!

  6. I hate the post office right now! And I'm the same way- every time I take the day off & have a plan- it never goes as planned! Hope it gets better!!

  7. Sounds like some rough post office visits! Hopefully the day turns around! Yay cookies!

  8. I always burnt my cookies until I got a Silpat baking mat. They are amazing!!! :)