December 20, 2013

things that make me happy

Today you are going to get a list.  I had a few white wine spritzers and I wake up with a headache this morning. #gettingoldsucks. And white wine spritzer? What am I, 80 years old? Well they were actually fabulous and you can find the REALLY easy recipe: here.

  • My cookie exchange was a HUGE success.  I freaked for about the first 30 minutes because extra guests arrived (and I didn't have place cards for their cookies!), but Coll reassured me that things would turn out fine, and well they did! There were so many cookies and plenty of extra but everyone got a bucket full to bring home! It was so festive with all the different trays (and trays) of cookies. We decided we were going to make it an annual thing. I'm so excited.
  • A nice, easy ride into work (aka no traffic).  Turns out the Friday before Christmas everyone is choosing to work at home.  Unfortunately in my job role, I do not have that option. And I used all of my vacation time so I'm stuck coming in! I can't wait for will be and Miss Bossypants. Oh joy :)
  • 2nd day hair that still looks good from the previous day
  • My iphone. God I do NOT miss my galaxy!
  • The way that ponds have half ice and half water, and the cute ducks sit on top of the ice, while their friends or mates are swimming :)
  • I get to see my precious furballs later
  • When Michael takes such great care of those furballs when previously he was a diehard dog lover. 
  • Puppies... I've got puppy fever! 
  • Blog designs.  Do you even have to ask if you are going to see a new one soon? Don't. Just expect it. I change my blog design very often...what can I say, I like change! I also change my room set up about every 5 months in case you were wondering.
  • Cream colored sweaters with sparkley threads in them.
  • A clean desk
  • Baths.  I really prefer those over showers.
  • Freshly vacuumed carpets.
  • Two girls that go by the names of COLLEEN AND RACHEL.
  • Bath and Body Works candles (they really are the bomb and SO much better than yankee!)
  • And lastly, it's FRIDAY. Since I haven't watched any but 3 Christmas movies this season (Home Alone, The Santa Clause and Snowed in at Mickey's) I am sitting my ass down on the couch tonight and watching a marathon of Christmas Movies! First up: Christmas Vacation.  But honestly, that's a year round favorite of mine...that's okay right?
I can't believe it's the Friday before Christmas.  I'm honestly not ready for it.  I have a couple more gifts to get (nothing major but I still have to go to the store) and I'm not looking forward to it. Will have to make sure to get up extra early to avoid the ridiculous crowds.  Do you remember the days in HS when you LIVED for this time of year because the mall stayed open till 11pm? Oh to have that carefree life again ;)

I'm making homemade stuffed shells for Christmas Eve dinner with my family.  For Christmas day, I believe I'm going to make bite-sized quiches and meatballs in the crock pot, we will be having Christmas brunch (and appetizers) with Michael's family. I have to remember to pick up bacon and ham (p.s. I hate ham but chopped up really small it adds good flavor to the quiches) this weekend! 

I truly have the best friends a girl could ask for.
It's time to get to work....(ha okay) so have a great weekend!


  1. I LOVE a clean desk. And Friday of course! Have a great weekend Lauren! :)

  2. so I am wondering...can we skype tonight? because I too am plopping my booty on the couch and watching Christmas movies too!

  3. Love that pic, you are so pretty! my iPhone, bath & body candles, cookies, 2nd day hair - are we twins?

  4. I prefer baths over showers any given time, with a Bath and Body candle burning as well = perfection.

  5. I knew I loved you for good reasons! We are so alike!!!

    You look gorgeous in that pic, btw!

  6. I love change as well! Looking into switching my design as well. Have changed it twice already.. I love posts like this where we give light to little things that make us happy! :)


  7. I love EVERYthing on your happy list :-)