January 20, 2014

I'm a s-southern belle, crazier than hell (pronounced "haaay-ill")

Am I the only one who still really loves "Hall of Fame" by The Script?? Yes? No? I mean, how powerful is that piano solo when it starts?


I know. So weird, but it just came on SPOTIFY* and I immediately started jamming out at my DESK AT HOME...BECAUSE THAT'S RIGHT I'M OFF TODAYYY. (p.s. i really had to stop myself from writing "bitches" at the end of that because it reminded me of Miley which brings me to the point of my post today..which will get to in one moment)

Insert sad face: Because I will not have off until Memorial Day Weekend now.  That's a freaking LONG ASS TIME to have NO HOLIDAYS (hello, what about our Founding Fathers, or St. Valentine for heaven's sake!!!)

So what were we getting at, Miley..that's right. Seriously guys. I can't stand this girl. I know everyone is so into talking crap about her, and well I'm just going to jump on the bandwagon too because I really can't get over her.  I miss the SO-innocent but what we thought was SO-scandalous Miley when she wore really short shorts at the Teen Choice Awards in 2009.  I was starting to accept her stupid short blonde hair cut, and then she goes and does this:
Seriously though, Come ON.  I'm SO OVER HER STUPID WHITE CROP TOPS AND SUSPENDERS, THE RED LIPS, STUPID HAIR, AND JUST HER. Yes this will be a post in which I rant about Miley Cyrus, but really who hasn't done this post yet? I'm just late to the party.  But really, the real point of this post is my subject line.

Have you heard the song "Do My Thang" yet? No? Oh okay, here it is:

So I heard this song on *Spotify (seriously I JUST downloaded this about a week ago... how could I have waited SO long?!?!?!).  The intro is actually really good, I'm not technical when it comes to explaining sounds in songs but I like the beat, it's catchy...But then she goes and opens her mouth. This song has so many ridiculous lines in it I couldn't even tell you which one was my favorite.  Maybe the fact she's rapping but she has such a TWANG in her voice so she just sounds really dumb.

Favorite lines:

"i'm a southern belle, crazier than hail" <--yes i spelled like that on purpose
"oh shit, pass that shit around baby"  because that's so talented to come up with those lyrics, oh and we KNOW what you are talking about Miley.

the whole 2nd verse (she said bitch 5 times! for WHAT?), but focus more on this line: It's bananas like a fucking 'rangatang bitch

SHUT UP. this is the dumbest song I've ever heard! What is with artists talking about banging like gorillas and orangutans? omg. 

But now that I've bitched about miley enough.. let me talk about some music that is actually WORTHY of talking about.

Lorde. Holy Hell is this girl talented. I'm currently LOVING "Team"
Katy Perry.  "Dark Horse"
Britney. "Perfume" (I don't like the concept of this song but it's very catchy!)
Sean Paul. "The Other Side of Love"  (I have a soft spot in my music heart for Sean Paul ever since the song "We Be Burnin'" came out)
Avicii. "Hey Brother"  I had this app during x-mas time called "12 Gifts of Christmas" and on New Year's Eve the gift was an Avicii mix-up of Hey Brother/You Make Me/I Could Be The One.  If you are into that music, see if you could check it out. It's great!

I haven't been up to much.  One of these days I'll get around to posting my new fireplace mantle pics.... but I can't do that JUST yet because our painter BROKE HIS ARM AND LEG IN A SKI ACCIDENT. REALLY?  Don't get me wrong, I hope the man heals nicely but if you have a job such as a PAINTER why in Sam's hell would you go skiing the DAY BEFORE YOUR SCHEDULED JOB???? UGH! Sometimes people have NO brains!

Oh, and ONCE again, I got my hair re-highlighted. I am becoming addicted. I posted a pic on instagram!



  1. I recently made a joke about Miley to another blogger and I don't think she appreciated it AT ALL. #sorrynotsorry I just don't get her either and really don't like her at all. She is a prime example of "losing one's shit" (Amanda Bynes #2?) and exactly how I hope my future daughter DOES NOT turn out. I would be so ashamed if I was her parent. I know that makes me sound old as fuck but seriously. What is she doing?! Just stop.

    Ok rant over. :)

    1. Also, she looks like a demented ventriloquist dummy in that picture.

    2. Hahaha!!! I was thinking she was going for the female equivalent of dumb and dumber but your interpretation is much funnier!!!

    3. Hahaha!!! I was thinking she was going for the female equivalent of dumb and dumber but your interpretation is much funnier!!!

  2. miley is 'meh'. just another girl trying to (re)invent herself. sorry, miley: lady gaga and britney already beat you to it.

    Vodka and Soda

  3. Dark Horse is my JAM right now I love! Miley looks like alfalfa in that picture...she's just not doing it for me anymore!

  4. I am loving this entire rant because I completely agree! On a different note I can't get enough of Dark Horse.....serious car dancing and that Sean Paul song was like on every single spin playlist for an entire month. His songs just remind me of summer.

  5. I like Miley and I think she has a great voice BUTTTT I think she's trying too hard to be "cool" lately.

  6. I just "discovered" Lorde this morning! So talented.

    Miley is just going through her growing up phase she wasn't able to do as a teenager, and unfortunately it's heavily documented. Luckily my goth highschool phase WAS NOT. Lols.

  7. I LOVE Katy and Dark Horses. Miley is just getting on my nerves anymore. Plus she looks so crazy!

  8. I am #teammiley, but I agree she does crazy stupid shit. I went through a crazy phase too, so I'm like whatevs. Lol.

    Also, Lorde is amazing. It's nuts she's so young.

  9. i don't like miley's hair, but she/her PR team is a genius because we're all still talking about her.
    i love perfume! brit's the current gf whose bf is seeing his ex. i thought brit was the side piece when i first heard it. i can't believe i just typed side piece, lol.