August 18, 2014

Inappropriate Instagram hashtags

Blogging is a big heavy cloud over my head lately.

I really miss it SO much, but I just don't feel like doing it.  I really think it is because I'm not fully settled into my new workplace, getting to know the area, and don't have my groove going yet. Once this happens, I really know that I will be back here religiously.  It's really the only website that I constantly return to for almost 3 years (Sidenote: I started blogging in the summer of 2011). Wow, so long ago!

Anyway, I have a spare 2 hours while my boss is away, that I can hang around here for a little. But surprisingly, I have a lot to do since Friday afternoon when I left at 12:30. I can't believe I am about to write this, but I can honestly say I'm ready to say "goodbye" to this summer.  I don't know what it is lately but the traffic in Jersey has sucked majjjjooorrrrr ass going home on Fridays leaving at noon.  I can't even imagine what it would be like at rush hour.  I guess because we are all "Jersey Strong" and all that jazz, everyone is trying to bring business back to the beaches since they are finally better for the most part since Sandy.

This weekend went way to fast.  They don't usually but I felt like my Sunday morning coffee ritual rolled around rather quickly. Actually, it rolled right on by since I didn't get up until 10am!! 

I can't really remember what I did Friday besides getting new exhaust system on my car and battling the traffic to get there.  This is a new system that takes me back to my accident back in May.  They told me the official "Hyundai" parts were back-ordered for approximately 3 months.  I decided that I was going to call the shop since I haven't heard.  They tell me "Oh, they are in. Why don't you come in and have them switched out ? (they gave me temporarily crappy exhaust in the meantime).  Of course I answered, Sure!! But really I was thinking to myself, when the F were they going to call me and tell me??

Saturday, again the day was somewhat of a haze but at nighttime we met up with our friends and went to 9th Avenue Pier in Belmar. It was ADORABLE.  Very crowded, because it was the absolute most perfect evening weather you could ask for, but I would go back there.  My coworker told me they didn't have the best food, but I beg to differ.  I ordered the Baja Fish Tacos and Loaded Potato Chips (smothered in pepper jack cheese, and pico de gallo).  The fish tacos came out with some kind of sauce all over it and I had a minor freak out inside, but decided YOLO and ate it regardless of what it was.  I still don't know, but didn't care. They were so great! We also got the cutest little buckets (not my photo, i searched "9thavepier" on instagram) of drinks, which were $15.00 but it was a really decent sized drink. Me and Rachel shared THREE OF THEM.  WHAT!? And of course, I wasn't feeling it till the very end. It really hit me. Lucky I didn't wake with a hangover on Sunday. I have a picture, on my camera, who does that anymore? Of course I don't have the sim card with me!

So Sunday finally rolls around and we decided to take a ride to the new Ashley Furniture in Toms River. We have been back and forth with getting a small loveseat for the backroom since we moved our original one to the front living room.  Now, in the back, there is just a giant chair and that's it as far as seating goes.  The backroom is really nice and it sucks that we can't have anyone else sit down in there. Well, anyway, if you saw yesterday on Instagram, I uploaded a pic of our new bedroom set!! We go in there for a loveseat, and we come out with a 7 piece bedroom set (well okay, we got the loveseat too).  The bedroom set was the first thing I laid my eyes on and I instantly fell in love.  Michael did as well.  The price was just right, and they had a scratch off sale. to take an additional 30, 40, or 50% off. Of COURSE, we got 50% off, and 50 months financing with 0% interest and free delivery to house.  Who wouldn't pass that deal up? It was all just too awesome.  We got the numbers and told him we would be more comfortable measuring the rooms first prior to putting deposit down.  I think he was literally shocked when I phoned him an hour later telling him we were on our way back and to start the paperwork.  I'm guessing a lot of people always say "we'll come back, we promise!" Lol. 

Anyway, if you recall, I briefly had a picture up of the bedroom set that is soon to be ours, but then took it down. Why? you may ask?  Well, first of all, I started getting a lot of new followers.  I didn't really understand, but kinda just shrugged and went along with it.  Then random people started liking my pics, and I really couldn't figure out what the spike in my instagram was. Well, the caption of the picture said  something like this: "Soon to be ours! Finally upgrading our full size to a queen size bed! #adults"   Well.  Guess what I decided to do? I clicked on #adults and was instantly greeted by the most disturbing images I've ever laid my eyes on in social media. Don't do yourselves any favors and look that hashtag up.  Let's just say that I was seeing a lot of privates. And a little more. Gag.  So I decided, ehhhh I better delete this, like NOW. And that's just what I did.  So here is the bedroom set:

I AM IN LOVE.  It's just so gorgeous (to me).  Honestly, we were long over due for a new bed. It's been the bed that Michael has had since college, maybe even the end of High School. Wow. And did I forget to mention it is a FULL? I'm so so excited to have a Queen bed soon!!  And here is the loveseat we got, very simple, but very comfy:

The pillows are kind of not my taste, but I can always get some fabric and make the DIY fabric pillow cover that I pinned MONTHS ago.

What do you think of our choices? I'm so thrilled and can't wait for it all to get here. Now, I just have to paint my bedroom.  What color walls do you think will go with the set? I don't want them to blend in too much!!

Oh, and our "Together 5 years" anniversary is coming up, so of course I took advantage of a certain surprise sale. . .

Kate Spade Baxter Street Marian.  I'm not sure if it's an older model, but it's not on their website anymore.  It's my business professional bag for work. lol. I hope I like it!

Did you have a good weekend?

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  1. Oh my gosh I about died with your instagram thing - can't believe that instagram would even allow those images on there...YIKES! I'm so happy you went ahead and bought the Kate Spade bag - absolutely love the profesh look!!

    Love the new bedroom set - we need to be grownups and get a matching set lol!! Hope you have a great Monday!

  2. I LOVE your new bedroom furniture and love seat! I also love that KS bag!! So cute!

  3. OK I just went against your judgement and looked at the hashtag... and how effing disgusting! How are those images allowed on Instagram? That is insane that you had a crowd of people come your way. Good thinking about taking the picture down; even though it is beautiful and your house will come together beautifully. I think once you are fully settled, you will want to write all about the new things you are enjoying in life. It's hard to write about it when you're still in the middle of the chaos! We'll always be here for you ;-)

  4. I love that new bedroom set & the love seat! That love seat is sort of the look I want for our new living room! I definitely couldn't have passed up that deal either. I think that bedroom set might look good with a teal or grey wall color.

  5. Love the bedroom set. Also, that bag is the perfect work bag

  6. That bedroom furniture and that bag are gorgeous, awesome finds!!!

  7. I'm surprised instagram allows nudity or graphic images like so. I love the bedroom!

  8. Of course I went to look up the hashtag! I am now officially the cat that curiosity killed. PS love the bedroom furniture :)

  9. Haha I love that you bought yourself a Kate Spade bag for your 5 year anniversary....a girl after my own heart! :)
    And that hashtag incident?!?! Bahahah that's hilarious, yet really gross at the same time. No thank you!

  10. lol at the hashtags..note to self!! your furniture is pretty! glad your car is fixed. i have a hyundai.

  11. oh my gosh, never looking at the hashtag adults hahaha thats hilarious. seriously though i would cry if i got a queen bed, i want one so bad. especially right now my husband and i are having a lot of trouble sleeping together in our full bed (i move a lot which wakes him up but there's no room to move because small) and i want new dressers in the bedroom as well, but i really want a new couch (sectional please) as well.. i just want, want, want. my husband would never say yes to the financing deal even though it was a bloody brilliant deal. sigh. maybe next year, after europe.
    sorry for my complaining haha, happy for you and your new bedroom set + loveseat! oh and that bucket drink, yes please.

  12. That bedroom set is gorgeous. I love the bed set. Quatrefoil for the win!! And I'm done with summer as well. I usually don't say that but I really need fall to be here. And since you said NOT to do something that means I must do it.... and just WOW. How is that even allowed on Instragram?!

  13. I love that bedroom set! And I am DYING laughing at your instagram hashtag story. I stumbled across a really disturbing hashtag once, it even gives you an adult advisory before you can view it (which should have been my sign), but curiosity got the better of me (since the hashtag was a picture of a cupcake). I was horrified and disgusted! IG should ban those accounts!