August 14, 2014

No pictures, but the story is fun!

Holleeyy shit, has it been seriously a week since I was last here? No apologies, I have been absolutely nutty at work!  I was really funny thinking that I would have time to update every day again starting this week when I should have known my peoples would keep me so busy (with the STUPIDEST shit) that I'd be two seconds away from being admitted to the Rahway Prison.  You know how that goes really, when you are an admin assistant, everything that someone asks you to do, needed to be done yesterday, or 2 weeks ago. Because it's THAT important that I show you how to edit a header in Word, or find a color printer on a MAP for you on our floor. I mean, use your brain cells, go to google and look that shit up! 

I'm settling in, as I gave you a preview the other day, my cutesy little tassels came out so adorable! I know that I must be the talk of the office with all my arts-and-crafts projects in my cube.  I'm okay with this.  It's very pink in here.  This, I am also very okay with.  It feels homey.  It should, shouldn't it? Spending 40 hours here a week is practically my whole life.  So, I should be happy in my space. And that's just what I am. Oh, and by the way if you are thinking of making these tassels after seeing mine, here is my one piece of advice: Don't. 

If you aren't the BEST crafter, just buy them.  There are so many shops on etsy that have them selling between $7-$15 which I think is worth it. Those suckers took 2 1/2 hours of my time away from me, and you know once I start a project, I am hopelessly devoted (to youuuuu) to it.

I wanted to let you know what happened with my Jetta. And then I have a funny story about magazine files and lamps. I sure like to keep it interesting around here.

So, I'm not sure where I left off and quite honestly, I'm too damn lazy to link back to the post, and to even find it.  So I'm going to start by telling you that Mike had to have Triple AAA come to jump the battery/car? I don't know how to explain that...and then he drove it to the dealer.  He told them we wouldn't be paying for this as it was a safety issue.  They kind of didn't answer him, he left it at the dealer, they ordered the part and called him telling him that the cost would be around $350. I said, "Abso-f*cking-lutely NOT!!!, I'm calling VW Customer Care right now and having them take care of this."  So I called, and I believe this was a Tuesday, and they told me they would look into this and get back to me by end of business day Thursday. I said, fine, whatever. Just call me back.  So Thursday rolls around and I get this hoity-toity moron calling me back with a real prissy attitude, if you know what I mean (a man, by the way)... and he's basically the biggest piece of shit I've talked to in my life when dealing with customer service.  Okay, that's somewhat of a lie because I just talked to Queen at AT&T yesterday about cancelling my phone line and she gave me a bunch of sassy-ness on the line... ANYWAY, the customer service man told me that my satisfaction was their (VW) number one priority and what they could offer me is to pay for the part and I would be responsible for the labor costs only! Ohmigod! Yay!  I said, "So what you're telling me, is you are gonna cover a part that is what, the most $50 bucks and then I have to pay the ridiculously inflated labor charges since this is being handled by the VW dealer? That's the best you can do for me? That's ridiculous! This is a safety concern! What if I was at the grocery store and had a screaming baby in my car, what would I do? Drive around until my gas comes out? My key wouldn't COME OUT. Do you understand that? This is crazy!"  Well, he surely didn't like that response, because then he answered me saying "Well ma'am if you don't like this offer, I'd be more than happy to take it away and not give you anything at all."

HOLY F*CK. Are you SERIOUS????

I nearly LOST IT ON THE PHONE. Like I was shaking and my heart was racing like I was hopped up on 10 cups of coffee. I said "Oh my gosh, am I understanding you correctly right now? Did you just offer me something and now you're taking it back, because I'm not happy with the offer? What the hell kind of customer service is this!!!"

"Well, we like to really help our customers, especially those who are out of their warranty period and this is such a great offer that we are willing to cover the part for you! But if you don't like this, this offer will only stand for 24 hours and you need to let us know if you want this or not, Is there anything else I can help you with?"

OH MY GOD!?!?!?! FOR REAL!~?!??

I told him he needs to have the service manager call me ASAP.  Then his response, it gets better:

"Well sorry but I can't make him pick up the phone and call you. I can note this in your file."

I'm done. Absolutely done at this point.  I couldn't believe my ears and I told him how annoyed I was getting by the minute that this phone call was going on. He was the dumbest piece of shit I've ever talked to.

So, after I got off the phone I called Tony Silva the manager up of my VW dealer and went onto leave him a really sarcastic, assholey voicemail.  He called me back 15 minutes later. I told him how rude the customer service agent at VW was and that it was ridiculous.  I explained my case and he said there was nothing he could do.  I said this is bullshit.  Tony, next year when you are calling me to upgrade my vehicle I can guarantee you I won't be back.  I've been a customer with you since 2009, and 2 years ago when you called me about this fantastic offer to trade up my 09 jetta to a new one, I thought to myself, you know what I will continue to go to Freehold.  I liked the service (made sure to give props to Raul my service guy) and let him know it was out of my way to come to Freehold when I live elsewhere.  He really didn't like this so he said "ok, let me look up your records"  Basically he came back saying that he saw I had been a customer since 09, paying my car loan through VW, no late payments, all my service done in Freehold, and that he would be willing to split the cost of labor. SO YEAH. Badda bing, badda boom. I ended up paying ~$115 instead of $350.  I said that was fine. Kept my mouth closed and they fixed the car. 

Holy moley, what a STORY. I know how long it was but I really needed to give you all the details so you could see how frustrating of a time that was for me.  Right before my vacation too, by the way.  What is it with me and cars before vacations? (do you remember I had a small accident on the parkway in my new car right before St. Lucia?) AH!

I decided I'm pulling another Lauren-blog-post-from-last-week and I'll come back tomorrow (I promise) about the story of the lamp and Pink magazine files.  Hint: it's an Ikea story!


  1. WOW! It's amazing how crappy companies are getting with their customer service nowadays. I would have reacted the same way!

  2. oh my god I would be ENRAGED. I cannot believe he spoke to you like that. So rude!
    yay for ikea :)

  3. I'm not sure how you didn't just go down there and complain in person!! I would have not stopped until the guy was fired for the way he spoke to me!! But good for you for only paying half - it's definitely something even though you deserved to have to not pay any of it!

  4. Oh my god, I would of probably lost my ish on the phone, and called them every name in the book, threaten to sue or something. I can't deal with customer service reps nowadays. I remember a time where I had issues with the cable company. This lady quoted like $250 for all the services, most one time charges, for the first bill. I get the bill, $489. Oh hell no. I called, and went off, because they kept telling me I was wrong, until we called the lady who quoted it, and she told them she screwed up. I've never had a bigger headache.

    You could complain to corporate, they could possibly help out!

  5. I would have been so mad! I sent one strongly worded letter to Apple this week on an issue they have been dealing with for me for months! I am about done with stupid customer service!

  6. how frustrating!!! i'm glad the situation was remedied. bad customer service is the WORST!