August 20, 2014

"We have 72 in stock"

I really think it's about time for me to share my really ridiculous Ikea story. And to show you some decent (see: crappy iphone) pictures.

Once upon a time I went to Ikea in search of pink magazine file holders. I knew that they had light pink from visiting in the past so I figured those would do just fine.  Little did I know, as I rounded the corner into the Home Organization department, would I spy the most perfect, bubblegum pink magazine file holders on display.  I think my heart nearly skipped a beat because I was so thrilled that it would match my cube decor.  I beelined straight for them, to find them completely sold out. They only had the paper boxes in stock in the pink. I pouted. I was upset. I drove all the way up there to buy them, and they were all gone. No worries, there were about 10 of them put together (on display) so I took two down, and figured I would buy those.  No big deal right?

Wrong.  First, since I decided to buy those, I didn't see if they had a sticker on them, so I took an unopened, wrapped version in the yellow. My friend and I made our way through the rest of the store, and I found the perfect desk lamp and headed down to the register area to pay.  First of all, I want to let you know that this was a Wednesday night.  Second, they had four registers open (a lot, for them) and there were at minimum 10 people deep on each line.  This was going to be fun. My mom had texted me to pick up the chocolate cookies and raspberry cookies that they sell.  My hands were so full (of course I found other crap along the way that I didn't need) so I said, let me get this stuff, drop it in the car, and I'll run back in to pick up the cookies (and these potato cake things SO GOOD).  No big deal. (The chocolate cookies were right by the register by the way...)

So I get to the register, the worker clearly hates her life and doesn't want to be working that night so I sensed her attitude right from the start.  I explained that I wanted to buy these pink magazine files, but they didn't have any wrapped ones in the boxes so I brought these two down, but brought the yellow one with the scan code in case she needed it. She didn't like this.  She proceeded to ask me where I got these (pink ones) from. I said, I don't know, wherever you have them all. Then read on below for the rest of the convo. She will be represented by a C, for cashier, and L for me, Lauren.

C: "The Home organization department?!!"
L: "Yeah, on this floor."
C: "No, these are displays, you didn't get them from there. Where did you take these from? A floor model?"

I was getting really pissed at this point...

L: "Can I buy these or not?
C: "No, I can't sell these to you I will get fired."  
L: "What the hell do you mean you'll get fired? You can't sell me these because they are display items? "
C: "Only the person from the home organization department can release these. I can call her if you want me to [and then gives me the devil eyes]"
L: "Yes, call her. I drove all the way up here for them"

She phones, whispers in the phone facing away from me. I had wondered if she even was really on the phone.

C: "She just checked and told me they have 72 of these in stock. I can have someone bring them down for you" (with an attitude she tells me this I might add)
L: "This is honestly ridiculous, if you have them in stock, why can't you just give me these? You can put two more together. I'm not walking all the way back there, and at this point I'm holding up the line for someone to bring them down here. Forget it"

So then, Ms. Cashier lady's ghetto-ass friend comes down saying "Yeah I saw a bunch of those in stock. They are up there"

And I just attitudely responded "Yeah, I'd really love to see that because I searched all over the place".

So I paid for my items, sans pink magazine holders and left. So at this point I was so wound up over these dumb ass magazine files that I gave my stuff to my friend and asked her to hold on, and I was going to just get the potato cakes and cookies by the food court and then we could leave.  Well, did you know, they had the potato cakes, and the raspberry cookies by the food court, but no where in sight where these damn chocolate cookies.  Oh, I know because they were back by the freaking cash register that I just came from.  So I marched back over there, got the cookies and walked right past the register, the cashier yelling at me on the way that I had to pay for them.  I ignored her, took my stupid ass cookies and potato cakes and paid at the food court and went on my merrily (aggravated) way.  I really was questioning whether or not they had these stupid pink magazine files like they said, 72 of them... so we dropped our stuff in the car and ran back through the store.

Went back to the home organization department, no where in sight. This is when my story can wrap up because it's getting long, or I can go on to explain the shit I went through with this woman. I will give you the abbreviated version, I know your eyeballs are tired at this point.  I found her, and asked her "Hey you, I want those pink magazine file holders. Where are they"

"We are out of stock. The pink is all sold out."

[crickets. . . ]

"No way in HELL are you sold out of those pink ones. I just came from the cashier who SPOKE to YOU on the phone and YOU told her that you had 72 in stock"

Lady in dept: "No no no, You gave me number for yellow so I check yellow and we have 72 yellow".

That went on for about 5 minutes. I couldn't let go because she kept telling me that I"M THE ONE who gave her the number when I corrected her each time saying that it was the dumb ass at the cash register.  There was a problem communicating because english was not her first language.  She really was the sweetest lady but I was so revved up from the dumb ass cashier that I honestly couldn't cut this poor woman some slack.  But the "You gave me this number" comment just ate away at me. I had to leave. I was making a scene and never in my life have I been one to make a scene.

So that turned into a longer version, but now, long story short, I have them in my desk. Thank you Amazon Prime.

How did I do with the decor? I wish I decided to clean my desk up a little bit prior to just snapping these pictures, literally.  I love it. I'm known as the Pink Lady on the floor. :)


  1. hahahahahaa oh you poor thing. I would have LOST MY SHIT. Seriously dumb cashier. I mean, whatever, you think you're doing your job but you didn't have to be rude about it. I want that purrfect mug please. Your cube is way cuter than my desk.

  2. I'm DYING over the all the pink and gold! I LOVE it!

    As for the a-holes at IKEA, I would done the same thing and prob have reacted the same way.

  3. Oh my gosh - you are a girl on a mission - and that is the reason I do not go to IKEA!!

    Love all your office decor - so cute and pink :)

  4. Your desk turned out absolutely adorable! I love it!! Can I move in your cube with you? :)

    I also would have had such a hard time handling that stupid cashier! Reason #500 why Ikea gives me anxiety!

  5. come do my desk! come do my desk!

  6. your desk puts my desk to shame. first off, my desk looks like it puked up paper and random tech gadgets! and the only cute thing i have on my desk are kayla's drawings etc.

    Vodka and Soda

  7. I would have seriously lost my shit, and I hate making a scene but DAMN. Also, your desk is so cute and now I have desk envy. I really like the little shelf thing, and of course your handmade tassels :-)

  8. hahahaha! ok i didn't laugh. ok maybe i did. but i'm glad you got them!

  9. Ugh I hate bad customer service, it is seriously one of my pet peeves and I would have been so pissed! Glad you got them though, love the office setup!

  10. I LOOOOVE YOUR OFFICE SPACE DECOR! I wish I worked somewhere where I could decorate.

  11. " I ignored her, took my stupid ass cookies and potato cakes and paid at the food court and went on my merrily (aggravated) way." Bahahaha!! I'm dying!
    I'm so jealous of your office space! It makes me want to do mine over!

  12. oh my freaking lord, I would have gone bat shit crazy on that cashier! I seriously HATE poor customer service!!

  13. I mean ... I just cannot with the crazies in the stores. Yikes. BTW gorgeous desk!!

  14. I would have lost my mind, scene or not.

  15. I honestly would have lost my mind! Can I say I am so jealous at how CUTE your desk is?!

  16. Hahaha, this is too funny. I'm sure you did not think so at the time, though! And would you please come decorate my cubicle for me? It is the opposite of cute!

  17. What a horrible experience! At least your office looks super

  18. omg the customer service is the WORST at ikea. they act like i'm bothering THEM!

  19. I LOVE THIS. you have officially inspired me to do this to my work desk. if you saw what mine looks like right now, you would fall down and die.