July 08, 2014


You guys, I'm super excited right now. You see, I used to have this crinkly-type white skirt from Forever 21. I wore it ALL the time in the summer but as you know, whites don't stay crispy white after YEARS (bought in 2004 maybe? omg TEN years ago. wow) of washing and wearing and honestly the style just wasn't really "in" anymore.  I haven't been able to find a white skirt since, and seriously I've been looking.  So let's step forward to 2011 when I took my engagement photos in a strapless white cotton eyelet dress.

Sidenote: Isn't this gorgeous? This is at Princeton University
So as you can imagine a few wash and dries later (I never ever used to hang dry items) the dress has shrunk, and is now borderline-hooker when I wear it. :(

Now that is 2014, and it's the year of shopping your own closet and reinventing things (thanks pinterest and instagram) I had this nifty idea that I could wear it as a skirt. Well I tried to wear the dress, and then wear the shirt over it, but that didn't solve the shortness of it and it looked stupid, so then I decided to fold in the dress and it's awkwardly sitting on my butt and hips but I'll go with it.  I paired it with this cute shirt I bought in Marshall's (where else, really) and a statement necklace and, voila! My OOTD.

Top: Marshalls (Kenar Brand) / Dress: Macy's (similar) (simliar)/ Necklace: Kohls (searched for 15 minutes and couldn't find anything haha)  / Sandals: Payless ON CLEARANCE!

How do you like me rocking my straight hair style? Can't even tell I have ombre! I think I can pass this off as a skirt.  I may even have my mom make it into one with an elastic waist.  Can't be that hard right?


  1. Love this look! Such a cute idea for too short dresses!

  2. You made it look really cute and way to re-purpose it!! Love those sandals - really pretty! Look at you with long hair for the engagement photos!

  3. This is pretty impressive! It looks so cute!

  4. SO cute!!
    I loveeee that top. Marshall's is seriously the greatest thing.

  5. Your hair looks fantastic (and I love repurposing dresses into skirts, it makes me feel so efficient haha xo)

  6. You hair looks great and great use of the dress! The entire outfit came together so well!