July 07, 2014

A week off

A week off from blogging and I didn't bat an eyelash about it.  I'm okay with this.

You'd may have possibly thought I went into hiding since I was due for a hair appointment on Tuesday the 1st, and I didn't blog all week after that.  But actually, it was quite the opposite. I was loud and proud of my new 'do. I still am actually, especially after one of the MALE doctors in work said "Oh Lauren, I like your hair! Looks good" and then naturally I went,

and said "Oh thanks! Got my hair done!"  I feel like I'm really owning my short hair do now, and I'm getting quite skilled at the curling action.

I just love compliments, don't we all?

So 4th of July has come and gone...that means summer is basically half way over and we might as well start preparing ourselves for Pumpkin spiced lattes (gag) and figuring out what new pinterest projects we can do for Christmas. But, since we still aren't that close, I will think about the rest of summer and what plans I have.

(FYI: Here is where I start talking about my plans for the rest of summer and the umpteenth vacation I'm going on and feel free to leave if you don't like it)

Upcoming Summer Plans:

-[this weekend] Lobsterfest at Bradley Beach.  My love for lobster began approximately 2 years ago. The first time I ever experienced lobster was during my honeymoon in Antigua and let me tell you, it was to die for.  I tried lobster at the Outback a few months later and it just wasn't the same.  But Val brought this up and considering we've been wanting to get together, this is the perfect opportunity.  Sunshine, drinks and lobster I think are just want the doctor prescribed for this upcoming weekend.

-[end of July] a trip to LAS VEGAS. Oh my GOSH I'm so excited. Last time(s) I was there, both ages were under 21 and very family oriented.  I'm kind of excited to let loose and party (and be in bed by 10pm sharp).  Let's not get too excited. If you'd like to see the funny pictures from those trips, I guest posted about these on Jennifer's blog last year (here and here)  We are staying at the MGM this time around, and I think the lazy river is what is making me most excited for this trip. I just love them!

-[end of July into August] My nieces are coming out to visit!! We are planning a trip to the Statue of Liberty and the Liberty Science Center, a squirt park, and probably the beach! I can't wait for this. They are getting so big.

-[end of August] a trip to Washington DC.  First and foremost I offer my sincere apology to Biana because I think I made her crazy emailing her about 200x for information about Boston.  You see, I love history stuff and thought Boston had a lot to offer, and I've been wanting to go there for so long.  I almost booked this hotel, and it would have been amazing to visit.  I still will get there some day.  But it just ending up turning into a really, really pricey trip.  Now, I wouldn't mind spending the $ but considering I went to St. Lucia for a week, and will be going to Vegas for just shy of 1 week, I really couldn't justify going to Boston knowing it would cost me almost a grand or more by the time it was all said and done.  So, I ended up getting a groupon deal to go to DC. $99 bucks per night (2 nights) with free breakfast at Le Meredien, that's such a great deal.  I can't wait to go to Mount Vernon, and see the Smithsonian, and the Lincoln Memorial, and HELLO THE WHITEHOUSE. OUR NATION'S CAPITAL! Oh, and the point of this trip: I'm surprising Michael as it is our 5 year "together" anniversary. Awwww.

Bucket list for the rest of Summer 2014:

-Make sure to see Val at least once in addition to Lobsterfest. I mean seriously, can we get our acts together?

-Go canoeing. I've never done this and I'm really close to some awesome places that have this!!

-Saying "yes".  Why do I always second guess and turn things down? NO. Not anymore!

-Grill a london broil on MY grill. I've been so lazy. I usually cook on the grill every night in the summer and I just really haven't yet!

-Visit any one of these restaurants and have a happy hour :)

Now that summer is halfway over, what do you plan to do with the rest of this season??


  1. I want to go to Wharside so bad! I was ready NJ magazine and it was listed as one of the top seafood places down the shore and I have been dying to try it out!

  2. All those trips sound like so much fun! I've been wanting to go back to Vegas!! I hope you have a blast! And keep rocking that new haircut! It's adorable!

  3. YOUR HAIR!! It turned out perfect!!!

  4. While I'm sad you won't be making the trip here that deal is pretty hard to beat!! How about next time you just crash with us!! I promise we're normal haha! Sounds like you have so many fun plans for the rest of the summer!! I'm obsessed with your hair!!

  5. Ahhh so jealous of all of your upcoming trips- sounds like the rest of your summer will be a ton of fun! I hadn't heard about Lobsterfest- I wanna go! And I just made a summer bucket list last week!

  6. heyy welcome back! your new hair is freaking fabulous. dont worry, i emailed Biana a thousand bazillion questions and I am only going to Boston for 1 day haha. Washington DC is my fave! Vegas is my fave! No seriously, love them both. We stayed at the 'signature @ MGM grand' last time and it was fabulous. You better take tons of photos so I can be ridiculously jealous.

  7. Jealous of your Vegas and DC trips! Husband wants to go back to Vegas on our next trip but I want DC so you are doing the best of both! And I just followed you on IG to see your hair and it's so cute!

  8. Your haircut is so super cute! Sometimes I really wish I could go short but not sure my curly locks would look good short... You rock it though

  9. Your summer sounds so awesome. Vegas? Heck yeah!

  10. SO jealous you're going to hang out with Val this weekend! Hope you two have fun! I better get pics!

  11. SHUTUP, your new hairdo is FAB! I love the colors!

    The last time I went to Vegas, I stayed at the MGM too. It's a really nice hotel...and don't even get me started on how awesome that lazy river is!!

  12. Canoeing is so much fun! It's definitely some work but it's a BLAST!
    LOVING your new 'do, girl!