July 21, 2014

Weekending - It sucked

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to check in with you all and know that I am in fact alive! Proof is on my sidebar to the left, I was snoozing with Peanut just yesterday!

No really, on Friday, my computer seriously whacked out and I had a loaner laptop for the remainder of the day at work and didn't feel too entirely comfortable blogging on a public computer. So that's that.  Then today, it's been a hectic mess because our car had some serious issues last night! And I'm trying to catch up on the lost work from Friday. AYE!

We own a 2012 Jetta and well like any nice, accommodating and generous wife, I had planned to wash Mike's car after I did mine yesterday afternoon.  I finished mine up and swapped places in the driveway.  I was all set and ready, until I wasn't able to TURN THE CAR OFF. Like the key, was STUCK in the ignition, WHILE THE CAR WAS ON.  I tried EVERYTHING in the book, slamming into park, jiggling my wheel around, taking it for a drive [to name a few] and nothing helped.  This was at 6pm.

I called VW emergency roadside assistance but since we are over the miles on our warranty (36,000) they wouldn't help us.  I called my insurance company and they couldn't get in touch with a locksmith, or help for that matter. Finally I thought I was getting some where 45 minutes later when I called AAA and they were going to send someone to save the day. YAY!!!.

Or not.

An hour later I receive a phone call saying that they aren't able to help us since the car is running, and they don't cover these type issues.  They would be more than willing to provide a tow to the dealership but basically I yelled into the phone, what the F good would that do me, I can just DRIVE it there.

So then we thought we would drive the jetta to the dealership (about 30 miles away), well it was our lucky day we were no where close to running out of gas.  No problem! We'll drive it there, leave it running over night and drop the extra set of keys in the drop box.  Well that didn't do us any good either because we were UNABLE to lock the car while it was running, with the spare set. OH MY GOD.

So now we have this car, sitting, running in our driveway for about 4 hours and I got restless. After many many phone calls to my dad, consulting the internet, and giving up, my neighbor (Not Dave, but his son) comes home and says "Did you guys lose something?" (because we had been in this situation when he left earlier in the evening). And we just basically told him what was going on.  Finally after putting our heads together, we found the correct layout of my fuse box under the hood (it was not in the owner's manual) we were able to pull the fuse to turn off the ignition. HALLELUJAH!

Ummmmm or not (again).

So obviously the entire car wasn't shut off, just the ignition. So the battery died. Which meant we would either need it towed or jumped to start it again.  Triple AAA came and jumped the car and Mike drove it to the dealer this am.

And now basically, they are telling us we are responsible for the charges to have it fixed.






I will be back tomorrow with a cute outfit!! Stay tuned for our adventures!

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  1. You have EVERY right to be pissed. That's crazy! Especially for a two year old car! My car key gets stuck in my ignition but not while it's still running. I have to start it and put it into park again and then try to get the key out. Sometimes it take 4-5 times. It's crazy!

  2. Oh girl I am so sorry to hear about all that car trouble!! I'm sure you will be able to get everything covered, but the way that VW said they can't help you was so rude!! Sounds like the car totally malfunctioned!

  3. Oh my goodness that would be so frustrating! I hope they get it fixed and that you don't have to pay for any of it!

  4. Oh my goodness! I would not even know what to do...I would just likely start crying.
    We had our own eventful weekend....part of furnace that deals with A/C broke causing most of our basement to leak. Now we have a wet basement and no A/C..thankfully insurance is going to fix our ruined floors but we are still waiting to find out how much it will cost to fix the A/C..and it's the hottest week ever here.

  5. I love your rant dont hate me for giggling! Seriously though I hope all gets fixed!

  6. What the f?! I'm telling Pete about this and seeing what he says... he's a team leader over at a VW center.

  7. Oh my gawd awful! I swear car problems are the worst. I complain about my car and it's 9 years old. I would be LIVID if it were only 2 years old. I'm with you, you should not have to pay for that crap! Fight it for sue! Good luck!

  8. that is some bullshit right there; you have EVERY RIGHT TO BE PISSED. i would hop on social media and blast them. the car competition is fierce and they're always trying to retain customers so go on a social media binge/slander!

  9. Uugggghhhh sooo frustrating! I didn't even think that could happen! I'm with Kathy- blast them on social media! I hope it gets fixed soon!!

  10. oh my god I would be SO mad. My MIL had a jetta (much older than yours) and had problem on top of problem. I would absolutely share this on social media as much as you can. and I didnt mean to laugh at your situation but 'I can just DRIVE it there' made me laugh so hard!

  11. Soooo, what did VW end up doing???? Don't leave us hangin'!