July 15, 2014


I had such an entirely different post planned out for today but so much shit has been going on that I just need a WTF moment and to share them with you all.

WTF Moment 1: My sister in law honestly thinks that she is going to the St. Regis Bora Bora for her honeymoon. And staying in a villa over the water.  I'm no math wizard but I just roughly guestimated flights, food and hotel cost and it's about $15,000. HAHA YEAH OK.  Although it is nice to dream?

WTF Moment 2: The Ghost of Bev. Honestly, I could really care less at this point as this drama has unfolded into 73 pages of pure ridiculousness. I don't know if I'm breaking blogger-code-etiquette by posting a link to there, but I just have a few things to say. First and foremost, my thoughts should not matter whatsoever because I have never heard of this person prior to a few of you pointing it out yesterday. But in all honestly, WHAT THE F. I may be a broken record here, but who honestly steals money from other people, deletes their shit and vanishes from blog world, to only resurface and fake her death? And on top of it all, steal content from other peoples' work? Oh my god. Stop. Like I said before, I have never interacted with this blog before so my opinions really don't matter in regards to this specific situation. But in general this is just wrong. I'm actually embarrassed to say it took me about 3 hours to read 50+ pages of this shit. Why do it? Like anyone else, (even those who won't admit it) I love a good drama. #endrant

WTF Moment 3: The fact that the link above, brought me to this crazy ass shit, that I actually sat through and read (on my work computer oh boy).  Seriously, people, you need to get lives.  I might be one of them too, considering I read this. I just have no words.  Whether or not this story is true (hello, it's so not), the amount of time that people invest into crap like this just blows my mind away.  Who DOES this?!?!? WTF?

WTF Moment 4: The harsh realization that this Vegas trip is going to cost me an arm and a leg after talking about it for a couple hours over margaritas Sunday night.  I'm going with my sister in law (the looney up there who thinks she's going to Bora Bora, god bless her soul and I love her for it) and fiance, and like they are "money is no object" type people. Well with me (I really have balls writing this) it is and maybe I shouldn't of had a Kate Spade obsession last month. Boo-hoo I know, but really I got the flights and hotel on the cheap, a week for $1,000 for TWO of us. Yes that is seriously a steal. But like food, activities, gambling? Ah what did I commit myself to!?!? See how much saying yes gets me into trouble? So needless to say, I may put DC on hold. If only I could win the jackpot... somehow I imagine my Vegas trip turning out like this:

and just because I don't like making this list a nice round complete one,

WTF Moment 5: My coworker bitches to me on the daily about how sucky her manager is. Back-story/long story short: Her group got merged with another group and the existing group manager became her new boss. Now there are two admins in the group and they cover for each other while the other one is out of the office. My worker has had pre-approved 3 week long vacations (1 week in June, July and Aug) set since the beginning of the year, and now the other admin (who takes vacation on the whim) decides she wants to do summer hours. My coworker decided she wants to do summer hours since she did them last year (when part of separate group). Well basically new manager said NO, and that someone has to be here on Fridays regardless to cover (stupid rule - no one is EVER in on Fridays). So the two admins divided up the summer hour Fridays, and MY coworker is NOT happy with the amount of days she can take them....the reasoning because she has off for 3 fridays due to her existing vacation schedule. So it kinda ends up that the other admin gets more, but she also isn't taking week-long vacations. I know this is seriously such a dumb story but just imagine me having to listen to this same freaking story EVERY. DAMN. DAY. Ok? Leave me alone!


  1. I love this whole post! And you have official gotten me obsessed with gomi!

  2. Good lord you did need that rant and well deserved that is for sure. haha! Hope you feel better :)

  3. OMG I'd love that villa over the water but 15K is a car man!

  4. Bora Bora is freaking EXPENSIVE! $15K AT LEAST! Just try not to laugh when all of her dreams come crashing to the ground ;)

    OH MY GOSH, I read that freaking ridiculousness yesterday too. That Bev is BAT-CRAY! For real. How does somebody like that have a child????? Okay, I won't go on.....

    I hope you can learn how to card count REAL quick!! LOL

  5. oh man, the Bev thing. I was subscribed to her blog for all of a day like 5 months ago and knew right away something was just off and weird and a little bit nutty about her. Every once in a while on a reaaaal slow day I'd pop over and try to read a post but it was such a challenge to not spit water all over my computer. And then all that craziness unfolded and I have to admit, I was hanging on EVERY word of that thread! It was impossible to look away because I've never seen someone self-destruct like that. Anyway maybe I'm breaking some sort of code too by commenting about it here but I just hope maybe this discourages anyone else from trying to steal content or scam other bloggers out of money! Yikes. Oh and PS it's up to 80-something pages now ACK.

  6. haha yes to number one. I'd do Bora Bora in a minute. As for Bev. Im ashamed to admit how much time I have spent reading that. haha

  7. Bora Bora would be amazing. I know a girl who's going on her honeymoon there this fall and I'm BEYOND jealous.

  8. I've had several WTF moments lately too. I've not heard of this Bev lady but now I'm kinda curious as to what the heck is going on.

  9. I have not heard of #2 but i'm not going to click on it because i actually have work to do today and that would mean no work lol. and #3 seriously?! also can your sister in law take me with her? dream!
    oh dont even worry! Vegas is so amazing and you'll have a ball and thats what credit cards are for. you can always sell your Kate Spade stuff.... lol