July 17, 2014

I'm just your average Jane

I'm having a hard time introducing this post today with a juicy suck-you-in type paragraph, so bear with me. I want to let you know that I'm not perfect (who is?) and show you that my life isn't as glamorous as I make it out to be on this blog sometimes. I personally like reading these type posts, to let me know that I actually have somethings in common with the blog I'm reading, other than things like "ooh I love that outfit!", or "oh man I can't stand it when _____ too!", "that recipe looks so good I need to try it!", you know what I mean. So here is an attempt to "get real" but honestly, I hate that phrase, so an attempt to prove to you I'm the average Jane and life isn't always rainbows and sunshine.

1. I left a piece of paper that required Mike's signature (along with a sticky with an arrow pointing to where he needed to sign) on the countertop, with a note asking him to place it in the mailbox after he signed.  I had already wrote the envelope out and had a stamp on it.  Today is Thursday. Guess where this piece of paper is? ON MY COUNTERTOP. 

2. I have the WORST cramps this week and forgot to pack the necessities in my bag. So my choice was to either go to Walmart or go home. I decided that going home was a better option because I'm more comfortable there when dealing with this. TMI? Get over it. We are all women here.

3. My hair is 2 days dirty and looks like shit.  Have you seen me post any pictures recently of myself? That is the reason why.  Well, I did post that selfie with Peanut and my hair was looking pretty ug so there you go. I've tried the baby powder route, it doesn't help. Neither does dry shampoo. I guess my scalp is just that oily.

4. Speaking of the number two bullet point above, my stomach hurt so bad when I was shopping in Homegoods yesterday, I actually had to leave. Doesn't that suck? But lucky for me the HG I was in wasn't the best...so I didn't miss out on too much.

5. I pick pimples. Especially on my back. It's hard to not do it. And if I take any photos, I will admit to the fact that I will photoshop a pimple out. But not wrinkles. Because I have those. And that de-wrinklefying tool is reallly weird.

6. When I go to my pool, it usually ends up being by myself, with my nook, and these two annoying bratty boys that are always loud and obnoxious.  But you would never know that judging by my pool pics.

7. I wash my car every weekend instead of paying to get it car-washed. 

8. I totally take advantage of my work hours when my boss is OOO.  And my job pretty much is lame. I'm an administrative assistant. Sometimes I'm really busy, but most of the time I am online. (I've got nerve complaining about this one, for sure).

9. You will not find me instagramming a starbucks drink. First of all, I think their coffee sucks. Second of all, I'm too cheap to pay for their prices, UNLESS, and this is IF and ONLY IF, I am in the airport traveling.  I will take a Tall Earl Grey Latte please.  But I still wont IG it. I'm a make your plain Dunkin Donuts at home with International Delight Hazelnut creamer kind of person.

10. I have more photos of my cats in my phone than I do of me and Mike. 

11. My kitchen sink is often filled with dishes.

12. Right now, my house looks like it threw up (clean) laundry. ALL OVER THE PLACE.  This is simply because I pout and whine when I have to fold and put away.  I will take sorting dirty laundry and starting it any day over folding and putting away.

13. Peanut's ass stinks like cheese. It's so disgusting that I have to take her to the vet about every 2 months to have her anal glands "expressed".  Linus has the most disgusting fish breath.  I still kiss them on the mouth daily. This is true love.

14.  I rarely buy anything full price.  I can honestly say I'm a Bargainista. Unless it's something I REALLY REALLY want. 

15. Buying a few of those Kate Spade items was the highlight of the past couple of months for me.  Getting comments about how awesome they were honestly made my days because Mike was really pissed at me that I got them. Yes, I love positive commentary just as much as any other blogger loves them.


  1. hahaha that opening paragraph is the best. also home vs walmart absafreakinglutely home. ugh my hair is way worse, i was in no mood to wash it this morning, oops. ohhhh hi #8 thats basically me :) lol! OMG earl grey latte? as in earl grey the tea with coffee? blech. i hate hate hate earl grey. i hate coffee too, so if i'm instagramming a starbucks its not coffee. normally i have finished the drink before i can get my phone out. haha thankfully neither of my cats butts stink, but my baby Chelsea has the.worst.breath it smells like all she eats is shit. and of course i kiss her. they are my babies. haha i love when people pat me on the back for shopping, it makes me feel vaildated.

  2. yes yes and yes to most of this. or at least i can semi relate to MANY. xox

  3. Bah, that last one is a classic. It's nice to have people to share your pretties with especially when your significant other does not approve. Try an aerosol dry shampoo it is a but different than baby powder and gives your hair some extra volume.

  4. Hey, come wash my car every weekend! haha I'm lucky if I get it washed 4 times a year!! And ahh I bought my bridesmaids Kate Spade bracelets for their gifts already... yea my wedding isn't for 15 months haha

  5. Girl I dont pay to wash my car either .... nor do I ever wash it. It gets washed when I go to my parents house and my dad has time to wash it. I know Im an embarrassment to car owners everywhere!

  6. I loved this post. Number 8 is me too! I am a legal admin assistant....when it's busy, it's busy but then there are major lulls in work and that's when I get a lot of blogging done!

  7. Kate Spade is a necessity. So tell Mike to keep his mouth shut. haha. Plus you didn't pay full price for any of them either. I love that you're a barganista. I am too, so you'll have to keep me posted when you find extra good deals! And it's ok to have a ton of picture of your cats on your phone, mine is mostly Hemi so whatever. They are our kids!

  8. i agree with you re: starbucks. their fancy drinks are pretty good but who has time to pay $6-7 for A COFFEE? not me. i'm down with my $1.40 tim horton's coffee that is like a party in my mouth whenever i drink it.

  9. # 2, 11, 12, 14... yes yes YES! I've often left work and places especially on the first day- the cramps hurt THAT bad. I'm horrible at doing dishes and folding/putting away laundry- or just lazy. And paying full price for things is lame- you can almost always find it on discount or a very similar product for half the price, especially with the help of the internets. Great post!

  10. It drives me NUTSSSS when I ask my husband to do something so ridiculously simple, and he doesn't do it. FOR DAYS. OR WEEKS. Is this stuff really that hard???

    How many dry shampoos have you tried? I SWEAR by Bastiste's brunette one. It's the only one that doesn't leave my hair lookin' gray.

    #8, no shame girl. BEEN THERE, DONE THAT. I'm doing it now! hahahaha

  11. Gurl. I loooove picking at pimples. It's so wrong but it just feels so right!!!!!!! haha