July 11, 2014

Friday Favorites (5)

Favorite Song: Rachel Platten "1,000 Ships"

So I discovered this artist probably like a million other people who watched the 100th episode of Pretty Little Liars on Tuesday.  She sang the song "Begin Again" (which hasn't been released yet) that I fell in love with in the scene when Ali goes back to school. So to hold me over till it's released, I listened to some of her other songs - this one is so cute and catchy!

Favorite Purchase: My Kate Spade Wellesley Planner
kate spade agenda
Where do we start with how perfect this planner is? Is it the colorful tabs? The beautiful leather? THE POLKA DOTS? Yes, Yes I think it's the polka dots that did me in. SO CUTE, SO KS. As you can see, today I am WAH (aka WORKING AT HOME) and then have Summer Hours! Oh yes, in exactly 3 minutes, and 25 seconds (I made that up) I will be logging off, and getting my booty to the pool. YAY for summer fridays! Oh, and did I mention I'm meeting up with Val today? Life is good. :)

Favorite Household Item (Yes I know this is so old of me): GreenPan Rio 12" Aluminum Fry Pan
People. this fry pan is the best of the best. NOTHING sticks to it. No butter or oil needed. I just made an omelet on it (ugh I should have taken a picture) and it was SO good. The perfect amount of fry. And another great thing about it, is how easy it is to clean! Buy it. You will NOT regret.

Favorite Snack: FREEZEPOPS also known as the best ICEPOPS ever.
Mind boggling: Who know how easy it would be to get these little suckers open when you freeze them standing up? I just started doing this since I have a bottom-freezer and it's just the best.  I can eat the whole box of these and not get sick of them.

Favorite Moment: Peanut is better
It took a whole week, but Peanut is finally back to her normal, crazy self.  It was so heartbreaking how sad and lethargic she was all week. She has never cuddled with me so much as she did this week.  I love her so much and happy that she's well again! Thank you to ALL who commented on her this week! It means so much to me (and Peanut too <3)

Well, I'm going to sign out, I will catch up with your blogs tomorrow morning over coffee! Happy Friday Loves!

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  1. I was just talking to my best friend about PLL and how strangely addicting it is. I am glad to see I'm in good company!

  2. I'm SO glad Peanut is better! I LOVE your planner, especially the polka dots! You're a color coder just like me! Although now seeing your Le Pens...I have to buy them. Darn it. So jealous you get to hang out with Val. Tell her I said HI!

  3. OKAY. PLL. UGH! The 100th episode killedddd me. SO many more questions now. GRRRR!! I just want to know....but then again, I want the show to keep going, so I don't REALLY want to know.

    LOVE that song. She has such a great voice. Downloading that song now.

    I have a Whitney English planner, but now I want this KS one. Ahhh, first world problems.

  4. I'm so glad Peanut is better and you are absolutely making me want one of those freezer pops! That and I am totally jealous that you're headed to the pool! Well deserved, but still jealous :)

  5. wait what do you mean Ali goes back to school? Is Ali back?! what the shit. Guess I know what I'm binge watching on the weekend.
    and yay for Peanut. big kitty hugs.

  6. Yes those ice pops are so good!!! and ahh PLL is going to be the death of me! I love it though

  7. That planner!!!! I love it. I need a planner, but I want a cool one like everyone else lol. I'm glad peanut is okay!

  8. I love the planner!! I have an Erin Condren but I love planners on the whole. Also glad your cat is better! She is too cute.

  9. That planner is too dang cute! Good find! I really want to try one of those Green Pans. There was one at our white elephant deal at our xmas party last year, should have snagged it.

  10. Looove the planner! I'm definitely getting a Kate Spade planner next year, they are adorable! And I also need that pan -- ruining them by not using butter/oil is my husband's signature move ;)

  11. i have been eying that fry pan for a few weeks now. what makes it "green"? i'm starting to look for a new set of pots but omfg they're SO expensive so i've decided to just get new "must have" pots/pans instead of the whole set.

    Vodka and Soda

  12. Peanut's sweet face just melted my heart. I'm so glad she's feeling better.

    Thanks for introducing me to Rachael Platten, loved that song! Hope you're having a fantastic weekend.

  13. Hey Lauren!! I am SO happy Peanut is doing better!! What a sweet girl!! <33 :D And I love that planner!! Oh and those Freeze pops are THE BEST!!! Enjoy your Sunday Lauren!! :D XOXOXO


  14. Freezepops are the BEST! You're never too old for one... or six.
    I'm so glad Peanut is feeling like herself again! :)

  15. That Kate Spade planner is beautiful! And freezepops?! YUM .. totally craving one right now. Glad to hear Peanut is doing better - such a cutie!

    Lauren xo
    Sophisticated In Style

  16. You can never go wrong with freezepops! And I recently bought the OrGREENic frying pan and seriously- it changed my life. But then I also felt super old that I was so excited over a frying pan! Gah! Glad Peanut is better!